Plymouth Council have decided to rename Sir John Hawkins square to that of a black footballer because of riots this summer.

God save us from virtual signalling councils. This is Plymouth… Portsmouth home of the Royal Navy. The same Royal Navy that has for centuries protected us from our enemies.

The square was originally named after Sir John Hawkins (pictured), who sailed from Plymouth in 1562 with three ships, before kidnapping around 400 Africans in Guinea and taking them to the West Indies to be sold
The square was originally named after Sir John Hawkins

I am not saying that Sir John Hawkins was a guy above reproach but really a footballer? Are they for real. His qualification for such an honour!! He was a black footballer.

Sir John Hawkins was a Plymouth MP who played a leading role as a naval commander in the defeat of the Spanish Armada, at a time in history when slave trading was legal. I know he did a monstrous thing and kidnapped 400 salves to be sold but we are judging centuries old history on today, and we cannot change it….just learn by it.

Now I don’t know about you but when I think of Plymouth I automatically think of the Navy and all the battles that have gone on….not football, and how dare the council give in to virtual signalling just because some group who decided to commit acts of vandalism didn’t approve of the name. It is not up to them.

It is up to the people of Plymouth who are very proud of their Royal Navy and the history behind it and why not name the local football club after the footballer? That would be more appropriate…surely. He was a footballer and that is a football club….solved. I must confess to not liking football whatsoever……

I am sick and tired of people giving into threats of violence and anarchy because someone has spat out their dummy. If they do not like the history of this beloved Island and they are genuinely offended by the likes of me who want to keep their history in place warts and all, then please find somewhere else to live that doesn’t offend you. The freedom won by those in our history allows you this freedom.

It would offend me to have to live in a place that has gotten rid of its history just because some bubble brats demand it so…..I do not understand what the problem is to start with?

We are not living in the century of slavery and everybody regardless of the colour of their skin is entitled to education, a home, benefits if they don’t work, access to health and access to a free vote….so what is the problem?

There is an increase in the crime wave in London and nothing is done about that…where is the shouting from the rooftops as it is BAME that are the majority of the victims….

Lets get back to the reason why the council have been take to court. The situation regarding the history of Sir John Hawkins and slavery and the need to get rid of any trace of it….Yet there are real life slaves in China where women are being forced into abortions and sterilised, where babies are murdered at birth, where men and women and children are being subjected to the most horrendous of terror that would make the Nazis proud and nothing is being done about that, and all because of their religion.

There are women in the Arab regions who have no rights and who are being subjected to the most horrendous of tortures and nothing is done about that. We have the Rohingya’s who are being forced from their land and are subjected to the raping of their women, the tortures and beatings daily and the killings and nothing is done about that. North Korea is nothing more than a giant concentration camp where the people are starving and murdered daily and yet nothing is being done about that.

The voices behind the movement to end slavery seems to have forgotten the real life slaves that are being treated in the most horrendous of conditions…. and are disturbingly silent.

The only thing that seems to wind up some people is the name on a square or a statue….are you for real? If you want to change things then by all means ask can the whole story be added, but do not try to change what is the history of the gorgeous Island, this sceptred Isle. To want to change what has already happened whilst ignoring the real life pain and suffering that is currently being committed in the world shows that there is a lack of understanding, and it is nothing more than trying to eradicate a history because they don’t like it.

Grow a set of balls Plymouth council because if you change the name without the say so of the people, then you will find yourself out of your lovely expenses riddled role and filled by people who understand that you cannot change history but learn by it, and the name will be returned back to Sir John Hawkins square.

I am sick of this PC nonsense absolutely fed up to the back teeth with it and the worst thing is that there are people who seem to think because they are “in touch with their inner idiot”, that everyone else should be.

I treat people how they treat me with respect. I help the elderly, say good morning, good afternoon, please, thank you and enjoy a chat with people who quite often I don’t know but who are say stood at the till in the local supermarket. I don’t care about the colour of their skin as all I see is a human being and would like to think I am polite to everyone I meet….

If you left the majority of the population to the manners they were brought up with…there would be none of this but when a few decide they don’t like things the way they are, and the pc brigade join their fight….then there can be only one winner and history will always prevail.

So take my advice and turn that energy to fighting for the rights of those who are real life slaves today in the 21st Century instead of trying to get rid of our history.