Captain Sir Tom Moore is the oldest person to appear on the cover of GQ.

I adore this gentleman as he has quietly lifted the nation during a pandemic and like Her Majesty the Queen has shown us that despite their age we have some truly Great Britain’s living today. He wears his medals with pride and is not ashamed of wrapping the flag of this great country around him and tells people to take pride in who we are, and take pride in this country.

He treasures the Monarchy, the NHS and the Military and exemplifies just what an officer and a gentleman he is. He continues to lift up this nation as he loves this country, he fought for this country and he fought for our freedom and we in turn have taken him into our hearts and our home and we have grown to love him back.

Cannot think of anyone better to be on the front cover. Well done GQ…well done.

Captain Sir Tom Moore has become GQ magazine's oldest cover star as he received the Inspiration of the Year award