It is so laughable at how Starmer tries to make political hay out of everything the Conservative Government do.

Infighting between political civil servants is something will always happen because they are vying for the position of top dog with the Prime Minister. So what if the Director of Communications has gone, there are always others just as good waiting to get their turn….

Yet the Labour leader is really turning this non story into something that really is only designed to shift the spotlight from his dreadful party and their infighting.

May I add one Jeremy Corbyn and the fact that Starmer is facing a nightmare when he walks. Corbyn is now finally waking up to the fact he was stitched up by Starmer over the Brexit vote. This was never about what the people wanted, it was about how Starmer could get the Labour party to perform its worse to then vote him in as Leader. Everyone could see it a mile away yet Corbyn couldn’t and that shows how naïve he is.

Britain's opposition Labour Party leader, Keir Starmer walks to Parliament after attending the Armistice Day service at Westminster Abbey in London, Wednesday, Nov. 11, 2020. Services held in many nations Wednesday commemorate the 102nd anniversary of the armistice ending World War I and honouring all those who died in war.  (AP Photo/Frank Augstein)

No matter how much he tries to detach himself from the political infighting within his own party, and lets face it this is a mainstream party that has broken the law for the vile anti-semetic stance it took over the last 5 years. During which I might add they had the former Director of Public Prosecutions sat amongst its ranks doing nothing, again it was all the start of his plan for a take over as if he didn’t know it was illegal then I would call into question his training, but I don’t and he did know and did nothing. After all why not let the party destroy itself and then act as though you are the saviour……

8 unions are now demanding that Starmer reinstates Corbyn and he will not be able too as that makes him look weak. We are not talking about the Director of Communications here but an elected MP and as much I find Corbyn the vilest of people he is still democratically elected. Starmer cannot give into this as it will show the Jewish labour voters that really he didn’t care and if he doesn’t then I can guarantee that Corbyn will walk and take at least 40 MPs with him.

This will also include the unions and the Labour party would have lost millions….now lets see….the Prime Minister loses one Director of Communications and he is replaceable….what on earth is Starmer going to do when he no longer has all that lovely union money coming in?

I hope that Starmer finds it acceptable when the Labour party splits and it will split that he will be the one responsible. The Brexit stance was his and if Corbyn had of stuck to the mantra that he had over the last 30 years of being out, then who knows it could of been him through the door of No 10 (ghastly thought). As a conservative voter I have Starmer to thank for Boris Johnson’s victory but the time of reckoning will come for Starmer and then what.

Instead of endlessly going on about minor issues within the Conservative Party and the Government, maybe he needs to look at the state of his own party and get ready for the damage that is coming, and it is coming and then I and millions of others will make hay of the mess that Starmer has created for what really is his own benefit, and his own ambitions.

I am waiting for it to be rebranded the Sir Keir Starmer Political Party…..