Extinction Rebellion yesterday desecrated the Centotaph with their disgraceful behaviour and shame on the police for not shifting their disrespectful backsides. If they wouldn’t have done it peacefully I would have set the K9s on them as they have no place doing what they did….

However what stuck out for me was the picture of Mr Ben, a man who obviously shops at the Army and Navy and his laughable appearance in uniform.

Mr Donald Bell who did his best impression of Mr Ben (the only thing missing was the changing room) showed what a pathetic individual he is. No body unless they are serving personnel should wear a military uniform. I am a former soldier and whilst I am happy to wear my veterans badge, not once have I felt the need to wear a uniform and nor should I. I understand wearing the beret and love seeing veterans with the beret on….but uniform oh please…..

Extinction Rebellion veteran and a nurse put up a banner warning climate change means war
Mr Ben (Aka Donald Bell) standing on the tributes for the dead.

Mr Bell a former Private who is now 64 years old should be arrested for wearing a military uniform that he is not entitled too, and he should be ridiculed for being totally pathetic.

The fact that he knows exactly why we have the national tribute for our glorious dead and the fact he chose to put his crass excuse on to a national monument to the dead is a total disgrace, and he should be given an ASBO to stay away from monument him and the dozy nurse he turned up with.

I can guarantee if the military or veterans had been there he would not have gotten near it. He would have done the Aldershot shuffle and ended up really wishing he had done things differently. The fact that they turned up early says to me that he knew what he was doing was crass, disrespectful and nothing more than him showing what a first class pratt he is.

I hope that his former unit and comrades chuck him out of any military veterans club he may belong too, although I should imagine that the likes of Mr Ben is one of the few ex military personnel with this stupid group and no doubt he has given them tales of his experience (oh wow). I can see it now and of course bigging himself up as that is why he felt he could turn up at the Cenotaph the way he did. Pathetic individual.

Here’s an idea Mr Ben (Mr Bell) try that when there are veterans about and call it the “little ritual” you called it today and see how far that gets you. hundreds of thousands of former veterans take the monument to our military dead seriously, and the fact that you desecrate with your nasty little movement, desperate for the publicity and dressed rather pathetically in uniform shows what a quite despicable person you are.

Try that next year Mr Bell and see how far it gets you and I for one will be delighted when a former para takes you for the Aldershot shuffle and you do one with your tail between your legs.

Extinction rebellion is crass, their movement is crass, their publicity stunts are crass and they should be ashamed of themselves and give back that uniform you pathetic individual and show the respect due to those who gave their lives, and if you cannot do that then don’t wear any form of uniform as you do not deserve to be spoken of in the same breath.