They got what they wanted so why the moaning!!

Minneapolis has asked for neighbouring areas to send over their police to help out with the increase in crime. I do hope they said no.

To pander to the BLM the council decided to cut the police budget to the tune of $1 million dollars and because of this dozens of policemen and women…good police officers quit, and now the council have found themselves with an increase in violent crime. Don’t tell me no-one didn’t realise this would happen. Did they honestly believe that BLM were the good guys and would behave!

Well they didn’t want the police and this is the result of it….so the idiots in the council and BLM now have the utopia they wanted so why do they need help?

The shortage of cops comes after the city council voted to disband the entire police force, and in July stripped $1million in funding from cops and used it to fund 'violence interrupters'

I hope that those police officers who are still left in with the most traitorous city council do not respond to any of their calls, do not respond to any break ins etc and I hope that they have taken the names of all those who are BLM supporters, and that they respect their wishes and stay away from any crime or anything they report. After all would hate for them to have to become hypocrites!

It would be nice to read that the police who have resigned set up a security company and work with the police that are left to protect the decent, law abiding citizens. Protect the ones who support them and that the rest of the area is left to go to ruin….as I said the utopia for those who wanted this and no police.

It is not worth the life of one police officer to defend any of those who don’t have their back.

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