Starmer is no friend of the military….

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when Captain Hindsight pops up and says that it is now Labour who are the champions of the military! ahem….illegal war in Iraq slip your mind? Corbyn supporting the IRA slip your mind? I have not even come to Starmer himself.

No politician is a friend of the military these days unless they have been in. The last true politician who adored the military was Baroness Thatcher and I was in the Army then and knew she did her best for us, and she had our back all the way and we trusted her to do right by us…..but sadly the lot coming in since then, I wouldn’t trust them to carry a paper clip.

Under Labour for the last 5 years you had Corbyn and McDonnell and don’t forget Abbott who stated once that every hit on British soil was a good thing, and of course there was the constant photo calls that Corbyn and his deputy had with said IRA murdering terrorists each and every time they committed a terrorist act. The same leader of the Labour party who has criticised the military and defended the murdering terrorists. Yep…Labour really are the friends of the military.

Then we had the illegal war that Blair took us into. Knowingly lying to Parliament with a sexed up dossier from a taxi driver and his faithful lapdog Alistair Campbell, who should have been nowhere near any decision making as he was and is useless, and with this absolutely discredited intelligence he committed our forces, and thanks to him 198 of our servicemen and women died.

They died through lack of kit, lack of decent military vehicles and lack of commitment from the Government of the day, and I believe that he should stand trial for in the Hague for declaring an illegal war and war crimes but like all true despots and liars, Blair made sure this didn’t come back on him and because of the vacuum left…up pops ISIS and then we get to Captain Hindsight…..

Starmer when he was a lawyer and not that long ago one Mr Phil Shiner, a lawyer of dubious means decided that he would create money by lying and having Iraqis make the most outrageous claims against our servicemen, resulting in investigations and investigations time and time again. Hounding our military servicemen for dirty money and who did he have look at the cases against the military….yes one SIR KEIR STARMER.

As part of his bid to become the next Labour leader, Sir Keir Starmer (2002) has made political capital out of his legal career by highlighting cases he has pursued on behalf of the 'underdog'
Keir Starmer – defender of the IRA, ISIS and lying IRAQI claims.

Lets not forget him suing the government for the IRA and ISIS….Acting under the instruction of Public Interest Lawyers, a now defunct firm run by disgraced human rights lawyer Phil Shiner, Starmer headed the legal team which sued the Government over a breach to Al-Jedda’s human rights. In 2007 the House of Lords ruled the detention of the suspected terrorist was lawful, but that ruling was then overturned in 2011 by the European courts.

Which bit of that means that he is a friend of the military?

Mark Tipper, whose brother Trooper Simon Tipper was killed in the Hyde Park bombing, said: ‘Starmer has defended terrorists and violent criminals who break out of prison then sue the prison service, costing the taxpayer a fortune – that is clearly wrong.’ 

Starmer was criticised by former Labour Home Office Minister Kate Hoey, who said: ‘Keir Starmer likes to talk up his credentials as a human rights campaigner. However there is quite a lot of airbrushing of his CV going on here and the truth about his career outside politics is a good deal more complicated than this.

‘What you won’t hear Keir Starmer talk about is how he defended IRA terrorists suing the British taxpayer for injuries they sustained after breaking out of prison, how he worked with disgraced solicitor Phil Shiner to prevent British troops from detaining a suspected Iraqi terrorist.’

Sir Keir Starmer is no friend of the military, justice nor security and shame on him for stating it today of all days, and shame on him for making it so political but then we have come to expect it from Airbrushing Starmer.

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