It seems that even before he is up and running that Biden has decided he will re-start the Iran deal.

This is the Iran deal that Europe has found itself tied up to because of Obama, the same deal that Iran has said will not be used to build a bomb with…..but ooops….all of sudden they have the capacity to build same said bomb.

People we are talking Iran here.

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President Trump knows exactly what they are doing, your average person knows exactly what they are doing and it seems the only people who don’t know are crazy enough to start this deal again, but we are talking Biden here.

Israel is in the sights of Iran because how many times have Iran called for the complete annihilation of Israel? I have lost count of how many times and each and every time it has been dismissed as just rantings. Well it will be enemies ranting who have a nuclear bomb. How can Governments be sure it wont end up in the hands of ISIS?. They can’t and to be worried after the fact won’t bring back those who have suffered at the hands of it.

It will only take the one bomb to destroy Israel and Iran will be happy to do it. This is why I cannot understand why only days after winning the dodgy vote that Biden is now going full steam ahead with wanting to get back on track this abomination that Obama created, but it is starting to make some sense in the fact that he is bringing back the people who worked for Obama.

So, I guess we can start to see drones dropped on innocent people pretty soon in Pakistan and at weddings as Obama was rather fond of doing that…he had no fear of retaliation. I guess we can start to see wars in foreign lands because Obama was fond of that too, and Biden is just going to do what he is told …so in my eyes you have just elected Obama in again as he will be behind all the decisions.

This is not going to end well and it seems as well as taking the knee to an organisation such as BLM, he is now taking the knee so to speak to a terrorist country and there will be casualties because of this President elects need to be Obama.

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I am so surprised that the United States of America that last bastion of fighting the good fight is giving in so easy. Disappointment, total disappointment.