Still clinging to a previous life….it is sad to see, but a mess of his own making.

I must admit I felt a small tinge of sadness seeing Harry at a cemetery in the States on Remembrance Sunday. It must of hit him hard that he no longer represents anything other than a photo opportunity for his wife.

They also placed a wreath at an obelisk in the cemetery that features a plaque that's inscribed 'In Memory of the Men Who Offered Their Lives in Defence of Their Country'
Harry bowing at a wreath.

The Palace got it right by refusing to put a wreath down for him and right in their argument that he no longer is a working royal and therefore does not represent the nation, so why should he be able to dictate when he is in or out of duties. He left period and no one will deny him the right to attend a military cemetery…but seriously attending with a celebrity photographer!!!!.

It must of hit HM The Queen hard this year as her grandson and middle son were not there due to the selfish decisions they have made, and with Andrew he should never be allowed to take up any royal duties until this Epstein mess is cleared up, and he has answered the questions that the lawyers are desperate to put before him.

The return to public life is only dependent on the fact he did not take advantage of any young girls and he must this without diplomatic immunity as he is not a diplomat, does not represent the nation nor the Queen and at 60 should not be hiding behind mummy’s skirt, he is not a child for god sake.

For the time time in his life he needs to man up and take responsibility for what is coming as like the majority of the royals, I doubt they have ever been told quite simply no.

Harry on the other hand has done a Duke of Windsor, and HM The Queen must be wondering why it has happened again (I know one thing and that is no American will be welcomed into the Royal Family as look at the drama two of them have made now), and I wonder if he regrets giving this up especially as you only have to look at the way his brother and wife are going up in our affections, and they are going down rapidly.

There can only ever be one winner and that is the Crown. Harry would have known this from birth but his wife well she is a different kettle of cold fish, but if she truly loved him she would have accepted his life, his commitment and his duty but I feel The Duchess of Sussex has only ever been looking at an opportunity to go back to La La Land thinking they would throw the doors open for her. Well that didn’t work either. It was never going to work as titles mean nothing in the United States of America and the fact is they all knew she was a Z lister mediocre TV star, and not a patch on the real stars of stage and screen and really this would ensure she would never be taken seriously.

Sadly, the only person who comes first in the Sussex’s life is Meghan and it is her front and centre. She really had no clue why they were at the cemetery not really, and she could not have envisaged the pain that Harry must of gone through to do this. A celebrity photographer!!! Oh please….that is tacky. You can see the pain on his face.

Why did Harry feel the need to do this or even agree? Millions of people put poppies down every year and I myself put down flowers and crosses throughout the year on 11 servicemen’s headstones, not because of wanting to publicize it but because it is the right thing to do and as a former soldier I am indebted too those who went before me, and that is what Harry got so wrong. He turned a sombre event into a photo opportunity with them holding the rights of the photos…kerching....and all her outfits are listed on Meghan’s Mirror….which she has dealings with…kerching….(they are always informed btw of what she is wearing)….it really was just a photo opportunity and a tacky way of making money.

Why did they even need this photographer in tow? They could have put the wreath down without all the fanfare but then every opportunity is for her photo opportunity and I am sure that one day Harry will find this out. Sadly, he will have given up everything for a woman who is hell bent on putting herself first, in both fame, money and power and he will just be dragged around like a stuffed poodle on any red carpet event.

I think he needs to know that this country will take back when sadly everything fails because we will always forgive him, but we won’t forget, but he cannot play the death of his mother card anymore they sold that out for money. He has to grow up and look at what he has done in the name of love, his love not hers because if you truly loved someone you would work through every high and low and she bolted at the first opportunity for money. and it was never about racism.

You get the few morons who will be racist but the vast majority of the United Kingdom was just delighted that Harry had found someone, but my god how quickly they used up that good will with her diva antics. The wedding with all the A listers she didn’t even know, the tantrum around the tiara and the refusing to invite Harry’s friends to the reception, but those A listers that she did not know went, and the total disregard for her poor father. This wedding by the way cost us some £32 million pounds and did they state they would not take from a racist country?? Did they wack…..

Then there was trying to upstage Eugenie’s wedding with a maternity coat open when she was barely pregnant, the baby shower, removing the little people from Wimbledon, the secrecy and lies about the birth and her millions on clothes. The strop about the house given to them as it did not match the one William had. I know plenty of people who would have loved Frogmore Cottage…me included. Especially, when they had it done at the time at no cost to them. They had everything and threw it away for her desire for fame and not the lame excuse of being racist. I found that the most insulting thing of all……..

I think that he will be welcomed back with his son by his father and his brother as despite everything, they are still family and it will need a slow rehabilitation back into society as he has given everything up and cannot just jump in with both feet, as the people do not forget easily but we can all see what she is doing to him….sadly he cannot and when he needs it the people will wrap their arms around him once more as we all no at least one person in our lives who has been married to someone like this….

Standing there with just his wife and this celebrity snapper must of made him realise how low he has sunk. No fan fare, no standing before our Cenotaph with his family and clergy, no military pomp and circumstance and the chimes of Big Ben. Nothing, just him and his wife and a celebrity snapper. It had to have hit home that he is no longer relevant in the show that is the royal family and that as the Cambridge children grow up and become followed in their own rights, he will sink further and further down the list.

If you think that there is a high probability that the 3 Cambridge children could have 3 children and with their father on the throne that would put Harry at 13th and his relevance will be no more. Within two generations Harry will be on the downward spiral to being one of those listed distantly too the throne but no chance of ever getting it.

He stopped being the spare when William and Catherine had 3 children.

That strop he threw when he saw the picture of the Queen, The Prince of Wales, The Duke of Cambridge and Prince George was nothing more than a desire to stay relevant, with help from his wife no doubt who wanted to be important, and if we are to believe that book…. more important than the Queen.

They wanted to have their causes put before the senior family members and when realising like the Army there is a hierarchy….the mother of all strops from the two of them.

What he forgot however is that there are a further 2 children in front on him, Charlotte and Louis yet there was no fuss given as their parents understand that monarchy in this case is the next 3 Kings.

See the source image
HM The Queen, HRH The Prince of Wales, HRH The Duke of Cambridge, HRH The Prince George.

I feel that Harry is blinded by both love and jealousy and he cannot cope with the jealousy. He could not deal with being the spare and going down the list, and he married someone who wanted to be the star of the show for the first time in her life, and she has now been shown that you don’t always get what you demand as we know the Netflix deal includes him selling his soul, and it will not go down well and puts an end to their privacy request.

Every year that passes by will make Harry and his family more and more irrelevant and whilst I wish him happiness and health, I feel that whatever demons he has going on will never be satisfied until he feels he is where he belongs, and that is with his brother and the family who love him. They will not use him for a photo opportunity as I truly believe that the breaking of the brotherly bonds has hit William hard, but he has the love of the people whereas Harry has nothing due to his decision to chase what his wife wants, and not be true to himself and his country.

If I could speak to Harry I would tell him to go about doing what he is doing quietly and no celebrity photographer as it is getting tackier and tackier by the day, and if they can do that for years and years and she is still there then good luck but we all know that won’t happen, and the fight they are having in their own strange world with the Crown is already lost. The Crown and the people will always win.

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