It seems that Sir Keir Starmer is now doing the political hokey cokey with the issues concerning Covid 19 and the shutdown of the country.

Sir Keir Starmer raised the prospect that he could withdraw support for the controversial 10pm pubs curfew - leaving Boris Johnson at the mercy of a major Tory rebellion

First of all there had to be a total lockdown of the country and it had to happen when he said so and we had endless days of him appearing all over the MSM stating so. I think he forgot one thing….it is not him who has the title of Prime Minister before his name.

He blasted the Government for bringing it in too late and now they have he is still speaking….WHY for the love of God WHY?

He is now demanding that the pub timings are staggered but how on earth do you work that? You cannot tell some pubs to shut at 10, some at 11 and others at midnight as that will end up with very fed up pub owners and it is unfair. He also wants off licences to close….at the same time. This will cause anarchy and drunken people drinking more than they can cope with because they will not be able to get a drink elsewhere.

Again, that is a totalitarian state and this is not something that is in the Tory handbook. Just because Labour want total state control he forgets that they and he are not in power and with only 201 MPs he cannot demand a round of drinks if it was deemed otherwise by the Government.

He is doing more flip flopping than a bum on bondi beach and he accuses the Prime Minister of doing the same thing.

He stated that the Brexit vote must be respected. Then he doesn’t and then he wants a second referendum based on the fact that the vote must be respected. Then he just wants a 2nd referendum. Then he now decides that he will accept Brexit…..Wow he must be dizzy from all that turning.

He phoned Corbyn to tell him that he was not going to take any action against him for the vile anti-semetism (WOW JUST WOW), and then suspends him. Seems the Jewish labour voters need to just suck it up and accept the abuse.

Then he said he was angry and disappointed at the level of anti-semetism and vocally said so, but when in one of the top positions in the Shadow Front Bench he did nothing. Another U-turn. He suspended Corbyn for speaking out against the findings….but not actually what was in there of which he was responsible for too, but you won’t hear that from Starmer…he tries to bat away the blame that is rightfully his every time.

Then as I stated he wants the shutting down of the country much earlier than the Government wanted too, and then it did not go far enough and now it is not going far enough. Does he even know what he wants? As I perplexed as a voter as it seems he cannot make his mind up on anything.

Good grief no wonder Labour had trouble getting into power, how can you support someone who doesn’t know what their stance is from one day to the next?

Starmer and the Labour party have come up with nothing and to state he wants it like Wales, which is run by a Jeremey Corbyn Mk 2 does not fill me with enthusiasm as in some way it means he wants a seat at the top table even though the country said NO. He has to learn to sit, wait and do as you are advised like the rest of us who are not in power.

Starmer needs to just let the Government run it and stay out of big boy politics as he has his own mess to sort out. He is at risk of losing all the union funding as they are as fed up with him as the rest of us are. He has a loose cannon to sort out, and this loose cannon will take 40 MPs with him leaving him with round about 160 MPs, and then means he will never get the thing he is willing to walk over people for and then he has to sort out the trust of the people.

That will be beyond him but it will be fun watching him doing the political left leg in, the political left leg out…… So save your breath and our ears for the love of Mike and stay off the airwaves until you can say something without constantly changing it.