Biden supports terrorists and murderers of the innocent.

Well the stance of the fraudulent President elect has come to the forefront and he is expected to ring the Prime Minister Boris Johnson and demand, yep DEMAND….that we sign the Brexit deal put forward by the European Union.

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha…..the old fool really thinks he can demand from the British people. I don’t care if he rings the Prime Minister last as the Prime Minister needs to know that giving in to this awful man will not go down well with the people of this land. The memes of him going around show just what we think of him and it is not pretty, but there is no way we will give up our fishing, our rights, our laws and our ability to make contracts with whoever we choose. We will not give up sovereignty and if he carries on…then shift your airbases off our land….

The dodgy old fool cannot see that democracy is being enacted here, and that is worrying for the United States of America as if he cannot understand those simple responses, and desire to have a democratic system what will he be like with the difficult ones? What are his plans to undermine the democratic system of the United States of America as he cannot understand one, and the fraudulent votes are just the start.

I know he is in a permanent state of confusion but how confused is he when he thinks we will do what he says!! America you have voted in a man with onset Alzheimer’s, and he is just the cover to get the real danger in…Harris…give it 12 months and you will have a Marxist in power.

I don’t care if we don’t get a trade agreement, we are already trading on WTO terms now, and it will continue as I cannot see any American firm “going nope…Biden says I need to stop trading now and happy to go bankrupt because the United Kingdom won’t give in”.….honestly what sort of fool is this man and I would sooner have nothing then give in to this dubious shady man who has won the White House by wholesale fraud.

We do not take any orders or demands from anybody. We are a sovereign nation and only answerable to the people. I know that Biden does not recognise a democratically honestly won election. An election that was won fair and square, one that did not involve dead people voting, but he needs to know that we in the United Kingdom will not tolerate this individual telling us what to do.

Oh I know the remainers will be cock a hoop, and that shows their mindsight ….they would sooner see us capitulate to 2 powers instead of showing what the United Kingdom really is made of, and all I can say is I am glad they lost as can you imagine if this had been 1939? They would have welcomed Hitler with open arms!!

The PM has been warned that unlike Donald Trump, Joe Biden is a supporter of the EU and has criticised Government Brexit legislation some claim risks undermining the Good Friday Agreement

The fact is that he is an IRA supporter. This man is supporting an organisation that has blown up soldiers, police officers, prison officers, innocent men, women and children. They have murdered indiscriminately and it breaks my heart that so many have suffered at the hands of these people.

Biden supports murderers and terrorists.

What sort of awful people are we when we have our central powers build houses in Northern Ireland, give them the NHS, schooling, financial help and benefits for the unemployed, and allow the freedom of voting. Yep we really are an occupying force….

Biden supports murderers and terrorists.

I live in a town where two young boys were murdered by the IRA. They put a bomb in a bin outside of a McDonald’s in the main street on the Saturday before Mothering Sunday. They put bombs under cars when soldiers were getting in, knowing that the chances are their children will be blown up too. Children have seen their fathers murdered this way…. children…seeing their dad’s blown to pieces, and all because he wore the uniform of someone trying to keep their lives and country safe.

Biden supports murderers and terrorists.

The murderers opened fire on a forecourt in Germany hitting an RAF man and his child… a baby who was 6 months old….leaving the mother/wife to have to face the awful reality that the IRA MURDERED HER FAMILY. What danger to them was a 6 month old child? Biden supports them…he supports child killers.

I do not remember seeing any American soldier there just ours and they were sent in by successive Governments. You see politicians make wars and the military try to end them. I can tell you now that Biden will declare war on some country or other just so he can be seen as a War President. He is round the barking twist.

Biden supports murderers and terrorists.

He wants to see a united Ireland….well ask the Southern Irish Biden. I can tell you now they do not want Northern Ireland as they would inherit the troubles, the cost and all the other issues that will go with it and it will be a resounding no as you have forgotten one half of the state.

Biden supports murderers and terrorists.

It is wrong of our Prime Minister to pander to this man. He is creepy as hell and his sniffing of children is absolutely disturbing. It is dubious that he won the Presidency in a fair fight and until this has gone through the courts we need to keep him at arms length, and we should not entertain the idea of giving him a state visit.

Biden supports murderers and terrorists.

Why should my taxes go towards a man who supports the terrorists who were hell bent on killing the likes of me and my husband because we were soldiers? The terrorists tried to murder a democratically voted in Government when they tried to kill Margaret Thatcher, and they have blown up band stands, military horses, pubs, cars, cenotaphs using nail bombs to indiscriminately maim and kill. Areas where there is a high probability that innocent children will be. Infact they blew up one place on Remembrance Sunday killing innocent men, women and children who were there showing respect to the military dead, and they even murdered a pregnant woman. What does that say about Biden being as low as they come that he supports these people?

Biden supports murderers and terrorists.

One particular murder…the murder of a mother of 10 children, an Irish catholic mother. They murdered her because she has the audacity to show humanity and motherly love for a young solder dying. She did not want him to die alone and away from his mother. She for me is the face of these troubles. A good, god fearing Christian Irish woman murdered by terrorists.

Biden supports murderers and terrorists.

That is the sort of people this dodgy President elect is championing and do we really need a friend like that?

After all what about the protestants in Northern Ireland? Is he saying it is ok to commit terror acts on them because he has catholic relatives from the 1850 who set sail to Ireland? God give me strength from false politicians who want to garnish the Irish vote in America, but remember America when you look at this man who has stolen the Presidency then remember,

Biden supports murderers and terrorists.

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