The First Son…..

Just think folks Hunter Biden is going to be the first son of the United States….and here he is complete with crackpipe…..

The New York Post released data that is reportedly from Hunter Biden's laptop
Biden and his crackpipe

What I find hypocritical is the constant negative harping towards Donald Trumps children and yet none of them have been pictured like this, and but this does not seem to bother those with an agenda. The Trump children have behaved with dignity and decorum and they have not deserved the bashing they have had. After all can anyone show a picture of them doing this?? Or hanging about with hookers? Nope….oh but they get the negative press because of who their father is.

The hypocrisy of the MSM ~(Main Stream Media) is beyond contemptable. Show the people of the USA the true story and not the ones you want to gloss over, they have a right to know who is occupying the seat of the Presidency and who has access to them.

This man will have access to Governments across the world and he is a crack addict…..with his father sniffing young girls totally inappropriately, and this man with a crackpipe passed out in bed….is this really what the people of America want to show on the World Stage?

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