It starts…..

I wish Biden would stop this nonsense of I am Irish….

He won’t speak to the BBC because of “being Irish”,  but it is and I stand corrected his Great Great Grandfather who was Irish nearly 200 years ago.   Now I don’t know about you but that does not make him Irish…

Don’t get me wrong I am not a fan of the BBC but they shouted from the rooftops about Trump and how he treated the press, and he does it in less than 24 hours.

If Biden thinks he is being smart, he isn’t and it does not make him a statesman, it makes him look a total idiot, but then we all know he is.

My grandmother was Irish .. .yet I am English, my grandfather was Welshman yet I am English… father relatives came from Normandy yet I am English ….so come on Joe you can show your true colours now you are elected, and they will not be pretty.

America has voted in a dud and sadly when he raises your taxes to 60%, and more die under his mismanagement of Covid …you might realise it. As far as the economy goes….I doubt he will be able to turn it round that is not his style. After all he has managed 47years in politics and all he achieved was making him and his family rich.

Way to go America.

This man will be a disaster and he and his son are both in the pay of despots …..for at least 10%…..of course now his costs will go up …he has the Whitehouse address and access to all the dodgy dealings now. 

So when all the details come out about the world is going to laugh and snigger at the clown you voted in, but at least half of you can delight in knowing he’s not your President.

By the way I do hope the luvvies and the BLM will fully support the people who voted for Trump, when they decide to show their pain….fairs fair. You didn’t accept it and neither should they.

PS….I hope when you send him out on tours the staff remember a nurse for him, but make him male and older….so Biden can’t sniff him.

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