An Open Letter to Donald.

Mr President it is time to conclude this fight, but not the war…

Leave the Whitehouse with dignity and be there at the handover, to show that you are the better man and it must be hard especially when I have seen some of the dodgy goings-on in the count. However, the Biden Presidency will never admit to it…and the MSM have done their job for him. I hope the loss of their reputations are worth it as the people no longer trust the news source…. so make your own.

You need to leave and start preparing for 2024, as it won’t be him in…it will be Harris and from what I know, Americans don’t do Marxist and she is one.

So, start the fightback and get evidence after evidence on him, his son and anyone else they deal with to show the Americans what they have voted in, because corruption will rear it’s ugly head under Biden.

Start now, start the fightback as half of the USA will be hurting as they know he got in through fraud… there is hope……

As currently with the mob sitting in the Senate and Congress….there is none, and fancy realising that…..

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