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Historians think they have now discovered the grave of Walter Tull. He was a British Army Officer who fought in the First World War, and he was a black man….but he was a British Army Officer first and died for the freedom of generations yet to come.

A historian has claimed he has identified the grave of Walter Tull (pictured) - one of the British Army's first black officers
A hero – Walter Tull
Tull (left) - who died during the war in 1918 -  is pictured with two other members of his regiment
Tull pictured left….
Despite the racist abuse Tull had suffered as a footballer, he quickly rose through the ranks to become an officer, dying a hero's death on the battlefields before being remembered on a First World War centenary stamp (pictured) in 2018

All those who fought in World War One are heroes and it is heart breaking that even now a century later we are still finding the bodies of those who gave their lives to fight in the war to end all wars.

Captain Tull is a hero and his history and his sacrifice should be taught to children in school along with the likes of Captain Albert Ball who was a Royal Flying Corp Ace. They have the one thing in common….how young they were and they will remain forever young.

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Captain Albert Ball

Let us remember on the 11th November those who died and did not come home, those who did come home but were never the same again and remember they did it for us, for duty and for the King.

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