My day started off with Mr Points of Sue going for his flu jab because he is listed as extremely vulnerable due to his serious lung condition and at a high risk, and I am glad he did manage to get it…

However, I then rang the Doctor’s surgery as having looked on the NHS website it stated that if you live with someone who is classed as highly vulnerable then you are eligible for a flu jab. So, explained to the receptionist at my Doctor’s that my other half has Atypical Interstitial Pneumonitis and Pulmonary Fibrosis and that he has less than 50% use of his lungs and then nothing…..until. Got the oh dear that’s not good but not to worry as he has some defence against getting flu.

I stated I understood that but with about half his lungs being useless that it would be bad if I got it and then pass it on to him. Could I get through….not a chance.

No way was this receptionist was going to book me in and I explained to her that the NHS website states I can….but I was then informed that I must of read it wrong… WHAT???? She further stated that only if the vulnerable person was house bound or bed bound and nowhere does it state that on the website.

Explaining that any infection could attack his lungs and they are not working to capacity was met with a silence and then why not ring round pharmacies. I explained that I had done that and had gotten nowhere as I was informed that there have been no jabs made available. I actually encountered an issue with my age at one….seems being in my mid 50s is one of the age range that are not getting the jab.

I had rung round that many that I felt as though I have been on the phone all day and achieved nothing. I am more angry at the receptionist at the Doctor’s as she is not a medical expert and yet her decision meant that I am now a risk to my husband, because without the jab I could pass on some sort of nasty virus.

I did explain to the receptionist that the NHS states those who are vulnerable or who live with someone vulnerable, and I informed her that he was locked down with a letter classed as being highly at risk, but it did not matter….as far as she was concerned I was not getting anything.

You have to ask yourself have the Government stopped the mass buying of the flu jab and is restricting it in favour of the Covid jab? It makes no sense that something that can be dealt with with a jab is actually ignored as the majority of the adult population will now have to deal with the flu and the Covid. Love the website for the NHS where it states if you get the flu and Covid you could become unwell……no kidding.

I am extremely annoyed that there is a set of rules explaining on the NHS website telling people what they should do and what they are entitled too and then it is blocked by a Receptionist.

I have wrote to the Secretary of State for Health as I am fuming that the yes or no decision can be made by a mere Receptionist and not a Doctor or a medically qualified person, and she is way above her pay grade doing this and not qualified to make this decision.

So, if any Doctor reads this can you please get the rules around the flu jab explained as Receptionists are dictating the rules now and believe me that people will start taking legal action against their GPs if the decisions are made by non medical staff.