The Government needs to give up Baroness Harding as the head of trace and tracking as the people no longer have faith in it or her….definitely not her and her ability to succeed.

Tory peer Baroness Dido Harding admitted the operation needed to get faster and better at using data today as she found time to take part in a round-table session at the CBI conference.

Its great saying we need to have a good leap forward but how can a country do that when it has both legs tied and is sinking in concrete?

She has been a disaster from the beginning to end with this app and I am not sure why the Government is so committed to keeping her. Can it really be that they are just saying “sod it” to any criticism and that they are determined to keep her come rain or shine.

The Government will have no faith from the people in this app unless they put someone in charge who actually knows what they are doing. She failed at Talk Talk and it has just carried on and it really is getting beyond a joke. It is almost a nightmare that you cannot wake up from…..putting the wrong person and letting them continue to make mistakes. Almost like an edition from the Twilight Zone.

This app has no chance of being taken seriously with the Baroness in charge and she needs to go. It is not a failure of the Government to hold up their hands and say we have the wrong person and that despite her best effort, she could not do the role. I would think more of them for admitting their failure in putting her in and moving on, rather than just sticking with the same old failure.

The country needs to have the right person in charge and Baroness Harding is not it regardless of how many speeches she makes to the CBI or how many times she appears before Parliament as lets face it, she is just talking to people who will take her word. Oh there will be the usual comments from Politicians that she is not doing a good role and it is failing, but are you telling me that they do not have the power to remove her? Come on…if enough of them got together they could demand the removal of a failing CEO.

Baroness Harding cannot be allowed to carry on with this never ending failure as this is people, their lives and their livelihoods at risk and she can never understand the pain or the problems that ordinary folk are going through, but we should not hold that against her but what we should do is the fact that is not fit for the role in such a time of national issue, and the health of the nation being at stake.

Maybe and here I am being radical….why not put scientist in charge. You know a person who knows about viruses and the effect it could have and be able to understand the topic, the issue and the problems. After all what does a former jockey, Tesco and Talk Talk person know about the effect a deadly virus can have.

It is time the Government started opening their eyes and ears and realising that this is a lost cause without the correct person in charge. One who will give us some faith in what they are doing as sadly this one does not and it is costing time, time that we cannot afford to waste.