A Biden win will spell the end of a special friendship….

I am one of those who doubt we ever had a special friendship with the USA, especially after Regan tried to shaft us over the Falkland Islands and then having Obama come and dictate to us what would happen if we dare had the audacity to leave the EU. Poor stupid fool thought we would actually listen to what he said….deluded from beginning to end.

I also remember them allowing fund raising for the IRA during the height of the troubles and it did not go down well this side of the pond especially each soldier, police officer or prison warder murdered with the raised funds….. and now we have the threat of Biden turning on us if he becomes President…..well yaboo we don’t need the pathetic rantings of an old man.

We can do without the chlorinated chicken and their beefed up beef and as far as him punishing us to push for a United Ireland and to teach us that we shouldn’t have left the EU….let me ask if the foot were on the other foot would the States have listened.

To get a United Ireland you have to ask all of them and the answer would be a resounding no because Southern Ireland will not want the cost and it will be a cost that they cannot afford. As far as leaving the EU we are a sovereign nation and no country and I repeat NO country can dictate to us, and regardless of the size that includes the United States of America.

Biden states that it is better for the USA for us to be in Europe….well forgive my stating the obvious but I don’t care what is best for the USA but rather living in Great Britain I wanted what was best for this country, and this is nothing but foreign interference from another country. He needs to butt out.

I for one am hoping that Donald Trump gets in. He respects this country and our decisions, he has never taken the knee and have never given into tyranny because he thinks it will win him votes like Biden and Starmer have. He respects the police and the military and Biden cannot remember who the hell he is campaigning for, and don’t get me started on his creepy habit of smelling young girls hair and touching them…..it is not right and it is not normal, yet the hatred of Trump is not making this stand out as not bloody right.

Whatever the USA vote and sadly if they get it wrong and vote in Biden then it won’t matter one jot to us as we have the Commonwealth and a whole world of other countries to do trade deals with. Biden is small minded and small thinking in his outlook and we can succeed without the USA, and it would be worth bearing in mind that special friends DO NOT DICTATE TO EACH OTHER, but infact stand with the decision made and respect us all the more for it.

If Biden acting on behalf of the USA cannot do that, then it will underpin what I have always thought….there is no special friendship and the USA must then learn to do without our moral support, as it has been essential to them as we are seen as the bastions of right and wrong and if he cannot back us then the door will be shut until you have a President that can.

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