When he was growing up….

Whilst I agree with the stance that Marcus Rashford is doing and aiming to help the poorest, what he needs to remember that growing up until the age of almost 14….he lived under a LABOUR government.

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I don’t agree with handing the money over to the parents, and infact the government should pay companies to provide meals but lets not forget that they have increased the Universal Credit payments by some £1200 to cover the Covid pandemic and this is not payable back.

What I take exception at is that Mr Rashford is using his story of growing up with a mother who could not afford to feed him properly as though it was the fault of the Conservative party. It wasn’t.

Tony Blair and then Gordon Brown were in the Prime Minister’s seat during this time and maybe Rashford needs to take aim at them and ask them why he was going hungry….it certainly was not the fault of Boris and people forget this whilst they are too busy bashing him as heartless.

This must not be an excuse to let parents get out of the responsibility of paying for their children as I can see it myself that they have cigarettes, mobile phones and large TVs whilst bleating having no money and these are not a necessity, and when I was growing up there was no government money for our parents and like millions of others my parents had to make do with they had and my mum said it might not have been the poshest food but you were never hungry, and she is right I was never hungry and never went without. Maybe we are making it too easy and are bringing up a generation that won’t cope if the worst happens.

If during this pandemic the government can keep the hospitality industry going and feeding the poor great, but remember when criticising the government for his childhood….that Mr Rashford need to look towards Labour and ask Starmer to explain why this happened in his childhood as we know that Captain Hindsight has jumped on this already…..