Well Sir Keir what was it…..

Keir Starmer has reportedly hit a delivery driver on a cycle in London whilst on his way to attend his tailor….how very socialist.

The witnesses are saying that Sir Keir in his SVU (yes a gas guzzler whilst spouting to save the planet), hit this young chap whilst attempting a U turn on a busy street.

The scene of the accident.

Sir Keir stated oh no he wasn’t and he was infact parking his car, but wait hang on a minute…..is the former Director of Public Prosecutions actually stating he was going to park on double yellow lines (as they are in the area), and knowingly break the law by doing so??

The Labour leader, 58, was involved in a collision near his home on Grafton Road, Kentish Town, North London on Sunday
Keir Starmer

The delivery cyclist has questioned the fact that Starmer did not see him and asked “how could he not have seen me”? The witnesses certainly did and even described the electric bike the victim was using.

Starmer states that he waited until the ambulance came and then gave his details to the police….well no he didn’t as the police have no recollection of him doing so, and it now transpires that he actually spoke to an off duty PCSO. As a former Director of Public Prosecutions did Sir Keir ask to see a warrant card if this person really worked for the police? After being told he was a PCSO and no warrant card then Sir Keir did not speak to the police, and instead left the scene of an accident.

Surely as the former DPP he would know this……..

He has a case to answer as to why he was either doing a U-turn without due care and attention, or that he was going to park on double yellow lines as that ruling only applies to little people, and if he was parking why was he across the middle of the road, and above all why did he not see this young delivery driver?

The police must not be afraid to ask him these questions as he has caused an accident and has left someone in agony, needing hospital treatment and overnight stays and that must not be allowed to be swept under the carpet.

After all Starmer constantly states he is the only one for Law and Order that can be trusted, but considering who he has protected whilst as a lawyer and as the Director of Public Prosecutions and now this…..he is nothing of the sort and instead he should be visited by the police as his negligence and undue care and attention has resulted in a person being hurt!!

If the Home Secretary was quick off the mark she would have asked for the CCTV to see what Starmer was actually doing…and for those of you who were worried that he did not make it to his tailor, he managed it the next day as if nothing had happened.

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