Another day and another preaching session by Prince Harry.

He is now warning the United Kingdom that we must do more to combat racism….WHAT?????

This is from a man who wore a Nazi uniform and who called fellow officers of colour derogatory names……Has he ever actually spoken to people who actually work for a living as you will find very few of them racist, unlike the rich he knocks about with. The rest of us are just trying to get on with life and our neighbours in the best way we can.

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How sad to see someone who is so ate up with jealousy about being the 2nd son, that he is now trying his best to ruin the monarchy for his brother, because that is what he is doing and it doesn’t take the brain of an archbishop to know that….if he and his wife can’t have it then neither should his brother….as that is his ultimate goal….and it won’t work. All it does is make us dislike him even more.

He and his wife expected to be the most popular pair of the Royals, but her personality and style came to the forefront pretty damn quick and it was not pretty, and they thought that they could overtake the Queen and when the answer was get back in your box….they had the mother of all tantrums and away they went.

I think however she was always determined to do this as his wife had no intention of making this work, instead she just wanted to go back to La La Land and get the adulation she thinks she deserves now with a title. She couldn’t make it as a mediocre actress and now flaunts that title that really should be taken of them. How disappointed she must feel to know that people don’t care….they can see them for what they are…a royal pain in the backside.

A pair of pampered idiots who are preaching about BLM from their multi million pound mansion , which by the way they do not have on show but instead rent somewhere to do their endless podcasts. For a couple who said they are doing it for privacy….they sure are trying to hog the limelight. The thing you have to ask yourself is why if the Duchess was so concerned for Black lives did she write Caucasian on a CV?? That and Spanish and sometimes Italian…..

Seems that Black lives only matter to them when there is money to be made, as nothing says you are concerned with the lives of Black people like living in a gated area surrounded by wealthy RICH WHITE people, and living as far away from the poor as possible.

Whatever this pampered prince is attempting, it has backfired. We don’t need to know about his unconscious thoughts whilst he had servants of all colours and treated them as such. This is a man who has achieved nothing on his own and even his 2 A levels would not have earned him enough UCAS points to be considered for the military, but having Grannie as Commander in Chief helped. In reality he wouldn’t have been an officer and certainly never let near helicopters and it is laughable that he now tries to lecture us all.

He has never had a day’s struggle in his life and instead has lived off the money that taxpayers earn regardless of their colour, so to have this pampered idiot tell us we have a lot to learn is galling. He has turned his back on his duty, his family and his country and he needs to now shut the hell up as he is irrelevant and all he has achieved is finding another way to make himself look stupid.

I am glad that William is the future King as can you imagine the Sussex’s doing it? It would have been a gift for the republic movement, and any fondness some people might have held for this man has been whithered away by his endless whinging and his endless preaching. After all, how can a man who has never struggled in his life really understand how it feels?

I know there will be some who say oh he lost his mum at 12……well my mother lost hers at 5 and she did not have the whole system on call to help her….like all those mortal beings who had to get on with things…they did, and funnily enough I never heard her lecture anyone on being a racist….

Harry I should imagine has not had a single thought of his own since he married Meghan, and instead he is spouting her rubbish instead. He has now completed his fall from grace and affection and I really do wish he would just shut up and go away.

In fact the best thing HM The Queen can do is take the titles of them both and see how long it is before they are bombing……A lesson has to be learn and that is don’t bite the hand that continues to feed you as we know that this Netflix thing will dive and he will be back to Daddy for our money, and I feel so sorry for the County of Sussex having these two spongers named after their beautiful area.