Joe Biden to prioritise Merkle and Macron if he becomes President…..

First does Joe Biden really know what day it is? After all he cannot seem to remember which President he is going up against and that is not funny but rather worrying that he is so confused now….if this man gets in….he will have the code of nuclear bombs and that is not a good thing and unlike President Trump, I have a feeling this man will create war, mayhem and deaths just to look tough. You cannot say that about Donald as he has done everything he can to avoid it and yet people in the States still hate him. Talk about stupidity.

Brexit news: Joe Biden will not prioritise the UK

Now it seems that he is planning to prioritise Macron and Merkle over Great Britain. Silly man hasn’t realised that he is not dealing with just 2 people in the EU but rather there are another 25 and all he will succeed in doing is dividing the EU and the fall out will not be pleasant but will make for a cracking viewing.

I don’t agree with the terminology that we have a “special friendship” with the USA. There was no special friendship when Obama threatened us at the Brexit election and if that is our friend then bring on the enemies…

We have backed up the USA again and again and yet they did not seem to back us up with the Troubles as they allowed the IRA to fund raise knowing they were killing our loyal subjects, and then the Falklands and I can remember the Secretary of State wanting us to give it up. True friends don’t treat people like that, and then Obama.

If Biden wants to prioritise the other countries then great leave him to it….there is a big big world out there, and we won’t have their horrible chlorinated chickens or their steroid beef. We can shop anywhere else in the world and to be threatened by a man who I wouldn’t let near anywhere near a young girl is laughable.

The USA Government will always need us but we don’t need them as contracts will be made regardless of what Biden thinks and in the meantime he will do what Obama did and that is cause anger and outrage.

I am rooting for the Donald and hope and pray that he gets in because at least he knows what day it is, and he has done exactly what he promised to do. Come on America….don’t inflict the doddery old fool Biden on the rest of the rest of the world…what ever did we do to you for that?

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