Brexit talks move to the EU….

It seems that the Brexit talks has now moved to the EU with the headline of it looking like a deal is in place.

Michel Barnier

We know that we cannot trust Barnier or the EU as well as having pipsqueak Macron trying to look big in front of his fisheries….but if the talks have gone to Brussels and it moves a deal along then great….but Lord Frost must remember….

No European Court Rules. Our courts stay the highest jurisdiction in the land and above the European Court.

No giving way on our Fisheries. Our fishing industries must come first and those who want to fish in our waters must have a quota and pay for it, but only given a quota when our fishermen have the required percentage that they ask for.

No freedom of movement, and we must bring in a new law to ban any illegal migrants and to remove those who are already here, and those who tip up on our shores from a Europe that is not at war and is peaceful and safe, must be returned.

Parliament must make our laws and not accept any from the EU. There must be no interference from a foreign body.

We do not align ourselves with the EU laws as this is a back way in for the ECJ to take a hold.

We are free to negotiate all deals without the interference of a foreign state. I.e. The EU.

We do not pay them £39 billion as the EU have not negotiated in a friendly manner.

The EU must accept we are a sovereign nation.

The EU cannot dictate terms over Northern Ireland and we must have no interference from the EU on British soil.

We do not allow them to open any offices on our soil as they cannot be trusted to not try and interfere in our politics.

In other words Lord Frost needs to tell the EU and Barnier to butt out of our sovereign nation and to accept that we do not want nor request any help or interference from the EU, and that when we chose to sign deals with other countries, it has absolutely nothing to do with them. However, I do not trust Barnier, Merkel, Verhofstadt or Macron at all….and Lord Frost needs to remember that and lets see how long it is before one of them breaks cover and comes running for a contract. The EU will turn on itself and we will be happily on the outside looking in and watching the damage and thanking the Brexiteers for getting us of that mess.

When that is completely signed off and done then lets party….but keeping a suitable distance due to the times.

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