Murder Hornets – a plague too far…..

I can deal with all of the current things happening and am more than ok to stay in my house when the Government locks us down again. I read the newspapers and see that there are earthquakes, flooding, fires and the virus…..but the final one is the one that scares me to screaming out loud….

Murder hornets….

A Washington State Department of Agriculture workers holds two of the Asian giant hornets vacuumed from a tree Saturday
Murder Hornets

These spawns of Satan have been found in America and nearer to home in Jersey/Guernsey and what on earth have we done to allow these things to be unleashed.

When they are being dealt with, it is almost like wearing a space suit…..

Sven Spichiger, Washington State Department of Agriculture managing entomologist, smiles as he walks with a canister of Asian giant hornets after the successful removal

Now I am not a bug person and to be honest I don’t mind spiders and quite often hear the screams of my very large 6ft odd son when a spider is in his view. I love to be out in the garden with the bees, the butterflies and the moths and will always be mindful of where I walk. I even had the tiniest red ants living in my lawn and crickets….I was surprised to find them but my cat brought one in alive.

I can cope with all of those but not wasps…hate them things and now their really big cousin….the Andre the Giant of big wasp type things…Murder Hornets.

One sting from them can kill a person and I have decided that cowardice is the best way for me to deal with it and I will be investing in a can of hairspray and a match if one ever comes near me….they grow to 3″ and they are mean…..really mean.

2020 is not turning out to the most memorable of years….but what on earth did we do to end up with these monsters???

The insects had set up camp inside the cavity of a tree on the land that had been cleared to build residential property on
Entomologist pictured attaching radio trackers to the insects before waiting for one of them to lead them to the nest

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