A sad outcome.

A beheading in Paris of a history teacher was and is awful and I am glad the person who did it was shot dead, but to show a disrespectful picture of the Prophet Mohammed was never going to end well.

Murdered teacher Samuel Paty
Samuel Paty, 47

I am all for freedom of speech but to mock a religion is a point to far for me, especially to mock a religion that so many live their lives around.

I do not practice any faith as it causes so much issues but I find films like Dogma funny, and love Jewish humour but that is because the people themselves do it and no one is offended not really, but for a Muslim the Koran and the Prophet is their everything. It is what they hold so dear above anything else.

To show a naked picture of the Prophet was never going to end well, as even I know that there are no pictures allowed and that Muslims take offense to it….so why do some people feel the need to push it so far?

I feel so sorry for the history teacher and in a perfect world maybe no one would take offence, but we do not live in a perfect world and how many times do we have to read about offence being taken, and people dying because of it.

Emmanuel Macron called it an attack against free expression, but if someone was to write or show something so offensive about him or his wife he would have the full force of the law on that person, and this is in the same vein. You cannot go round disrespecting something so precious to so many.

As stated I don’t do religion as it causes so many wars, deaths and unrest and you only have to look at history to see what faith has done and the millions and millions who have suffered at the hands of it, but in this age of understanding can we not respect the fact that some have so much faith that the slightest insult cannot be tolerated.

There are no winners here and the families of both men will have to grieve in their own time. One a victim and one a murderer but we cannot call it a terrorist threat as it wasn’t. It was one man taking offence at that which he holds so dear.

We need to remember what might be a joke to one is deeply offence to another and not insulting religion could just prevent such tragedies happening again.

Sad, so sad.

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