Khan he fix it…no he Khan’t

Seems Sadiq Khan is once again on the brink of bankrupting London. He has done something the Germans couldn’t do and that is bring London to its knees, and it is shameful.

Sadiq Khan is locked in urgent talks with the Government to secure a £1billion funding package before TfL burns through the last of its reserves, threatening to grind transport in the capital to a halt as early as this weekend

Then when given a £1 billion handout, he then does what Khan always does and he blames others.

His mis-management of London has resulted in this as you have to ask what has he been doing with the money? The bailout will keep the TFL going for two weeks and then what? What will he do then? Beg for more money and then blame the Government?

When will this useless Mayor stand up and tell us what we already know…that he is bad for London and then resign.

Khan is stating that Government Ministers are demanding that he agrees to extend congestion charges, but what they are doing is telling Khan he has to make savings and he cannot do that as he has never been able to balance the books, after all there was plenty of money for his PR and lots of pictures of him but nothing for London.

Deputy Leader Heidi Alexander states that it is a collective responsibility between the London Assembly and the Government to keep London going, but no it isn’t., as can you imagine the uproar if the Government kept butting in on the Assembly and telling them what to do. On the other hand Khan would be the first to chase the glory if he ever did something good and would not credit the Government with it, so why should it suddenly be their responsibility when he is as usual making a mess of it. He really has been so pitiful for London it is a crying shame.

The Government is not responsible for the spending and mis-management of cities when the people sadly voted in the most incompetent person to run our Capital. All that beautiful history and what is London now described as when talked about in the media? Yep it has the title of the murder capital of Europe, and whilst this is a 2 week extension the Government cannot go round bailing out cities because their local Government has made an absolute mess of it, otherwise they would have to bail out everyone and this country cannot afford it.

Mayor Khan has reportedly asked for almost £6 billion and not a chance as it is up to him and the Assembly to find the savings and ways to keep it running, and it is not up to me as a tax payer to have yet more of my money sent to a man who is so out of his depth. Maybe it is about time they removed Khan and put in someone who has an idea of what they are doing otherwise London will become bankrupt, the transport stopped and the people left stranded….

TFL Staff have been given a Section 114 Warning, and that means they are being forewarned that the transport system could cease to function and despite a City Hall source stating that they cannot turn off London’s transport overnight, they can in effect do so and will if they run out of money.

Conservative Mayoral Candidate Shaun Bailey has laid the blame totally at the feet of those who are to blame…Sadiq Khan and the City Assemble and stated “Khan has near bankrupted TFL and hung a closed sign over London”.

Tory mayoral candidate Shaun Bailey said: 'Under no circumstances would I back an extension of the congestion charge zone, regardless of who proposes it'
Shaun Bailey

If anymore money is to be given to bail out London then it must be on the condition that Sadiq Khan is sacked, as to give any further money with him in charge is just chucking it down the grid.

Never in the history of London has it been so mismanaged for so long by one person so often.