Hurrah Boris Johnson addressed the nation to state that we are preparing for a no deal as the EU will not play fairly, not that they ever have from day one.

It seems they are back to their constant whinging of how we must accept their laws and rules and regulations, but have they never heard of a Sovereign nation and that means we do not do what they request and of course our laws and parliament are the highest in any dispute because we are a Sovereign nation.

Boris Johnson today told the EU to 'come to us' when it ready to compromise on the terms of a post-Brexit trade deal as he said the UK will now step up preparations for a disorderly split
The Prime Minister
President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen responded to Mr Johnson's comments by saying talks will still go ahead in London next week

The EU never thought it would get to this stage, and they thought like the May treachery that Parliament would capitulate and give in to the EU. They did not see a Conservative majority and in effect are not dealing with it as they are still demanding we move our lines whilst they gain everything.

Well NON……..its not happening.

Macron will have to explain to his fishing industry that they have had it good for this long, and that the happy days are over for them and are to begin for our men. This has been long overdue and shame on those previous British PMs who signed away our rights, our laws and our fisheries. This was nothing more than working with a foreign government over the rights of British people, and that is the act of traitors in any language.

It seems the EU now have to decide what they want. If they want a deal then fine let them come to us but Boris and the British people have had enough. We don’t need a deal with the EU and can happily work on WTO and on a Australia type deal. After all are the farmers really gonna say for the sake of the EU I will not sell my goods and will go bankrupt instead….like hell they will. They will still sell to us and our goods will still sell over there, all we have done is tell that unelected, undemocratic monstrosity that they have no power over us and that they have to treat us for what we are….an independent nation.

I love the fact that adverts and pop ups tell us to get ready for leaving, and this is why we knew that May was never going to do that and that she had no intention of giving the people what they want. Her Brexit is Brexit is the same as saying my dog is a dog. It is just stating something but nothing more. It does not say what type of dog, how old etc and that was the same with her Brexit. Never have I seen a PM lie and connive so much. It was shameful and thank god the kicking my beloved Conservative party got at the EU elections got her out, and finally we got in the Government and the majority we needed to get this to work.

We have that annoyance Guy Verhofstadt stating we have been give a piece of humble pie….well someone has it wrong as usual and the likes of him are the reason we never regretted leaving. The EU and its ruling elite are the worst kind of politicians….they are arrogant, snobbish and condescending and that is why when other countries see how successful we are, then the whole rotten institute will come tumbling down and I will be so happy when that happens, and the peoples of Europe gain their identity back and then we will be friends together again.

The arrogant politicians in the EU do not represent Europe, they never did.

This map shows the extent of the UK's Exclusive Economic Zone - the waters Britain will take back control of after Brexit. At the moment the EEZ of every EU member state is merged into one large zone which can be accessed by fishermen from all over Europe.
Our Economic fishing zone

Macron states that he will not sacrifice his fishing industry for Brexit as it is something they did not ask for. Well Mr President our fishermen did not ask for your country to steal what is ours just because the EU gave you the percentage. They did so with no thought for us and our industry was almost put out of business, and now the table is turned I have zero sympathy as it means our fishing industry will boom. I am pro British and love this Island and if it means we gain everything and the EU nothing then so be it….as our country deserves this. We have put up with being bossed around by these British hating politicians too long and now it is our turn.

So for me Boris you can walk away with your held high and show them that Britain is not for turning, we never were and maybe the EU should look back at their treatment of us and feel ashamed.

They should also keep that awful Belgian Verhofstadt out of the business talks as he is the poster boy for everything we distrust and dislike in the dictatorial politicians who have so much useless garbage to say, and actually says nothing and it makes us even more determined to get out.

Walk, walk, walk, walk Boris and tell them to wave you bye bye and no regrets from us anyway, but there will be plenty of tears in the capitals of Europe and all because they showed they could not hold talks like true Statesmen and women.