Call 75,000 an Army….its lunacy

It has been proposed that the Army will have to lose 7,000 personnel because of the expenditure and that will leave us with 75,000…

Are they totally bonkers in Whitehall?

British army

We are short by a couple of hundred thousand and we need it for the growing threat of China. To turn our Army into the lowest it has ever been is outrageous and whoever came up with that idea needs sacking.

The Army simply cannot function if they do this as they are over stretched now. When will successive Governments get it into their heads that we need more military not less.

Tobias Ellwood, chairman of the Commons defence select committee, has condemned the proposal and described the idea as “sheer madness”. The Tory MP claimed the force is already stretched in numbers and pointed to a shortage of tank operators. MP for Bournemouth East said: “’It is completely wrong. “Even today they are over-stretched. We are short staffed in key skill sets. (Daily Express)

This is the problem of having non military personnel running the majority of our Governments. They do not understand the need for a strong Armed Forces and that we need to invest again and again, in effect giving them an open cheque book within reason.

To ask the military to do the sort of horrid jobs that politicians stat whilst not giving them the back up was most prevalent in the Gulf wars as people were having to buy their own kit as it was not available for them. To have to buy your own kit because the Government has not bothered to take care of your basic needs really is sinking to the lowest that a Government can sink.

Tobias Ellwood
Oliver Tobias MP

Mr Tobias is quite right when he blasts the decision as we do not have enough tanks, drivers and other military equipment and if we do not have enough, no matter how brave our military is they would simply not be able to cope and shame on any Government doing this to them.

The review is being led by Prime Minister Boris Johnson with the National Security Council and will cover all aspects of international and national security policy, such as defence, diplomacy, development and national resilience. As a result the Army, RAF and Royal Navy – have been asked to submit recommendations and budgets going forward.

A greater emphasis is set to be placed on cyber and space warfare, with discussions on how funds should be allocated ongoing. There should not be a fund allocating decision but rather what do you need and when do you need it by, or we are in danger of having no military and a country just ripe for some despot to cast his eyes over…..

Over brave military is let down again and again…….

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