HM The Queen at 94 years old went to Porton Down today. The Queen and HRH The Duke of Cambridge decided not to wear a mask as they wanted to show calm to all those in the United Kingdom, and I think she has done a marvellous job at that.

There is something about the fine lady that makes me grateful she is the Head of this Country. I mean can you imagine the state we would have been in with a President May or President Corbyn?? I toyed with the idea of supporting a republic once…my god never again.

Her Majesty is showing us that life outside the front door is not something to be scared of and for her it is business as usual. I know you have the likes of Piers Morgan and Omid Scoobie (that book is dreadful), criticising the decision to not wear masks, but HM the Queen knows best, all precautions would have been taken and she knows what the country need to see…..the Monarch not scared.

Well done Ma’am for doing what you do best…..leading the nation.

The Queen donned a blush pink coat as she ventured out of her 'HMS Bubble' today, for a trip to the Energetics Analysis Centre at Porton Down science park near Salisbury
HM The Queen
The 94-year-old monarch, wearing a Stewart Parvin old rose cashmere coat teamed with a matching hat by Rachel Trevor Morgan, was joined by her grandson the Duke of Cambridge
HM the Queen and HRH The Duke of Cambridge

I have a feeling that with living, breathing history to guide him that the prospect of a King William will be a good thing for this country.