The Labour MPs are starting to rebel……..

Dan Carden has quit the Labour front bench as he feels strongly against being ordered to abstain by Starmer. Abstaining really is the coward’s way out of not having an opinion…..

Dan Carden who is a treasury spokesman, said he was determined to vote against the Covert Human Intelligence Sources Bill “as a matter of conscience”. Well I say good for him. His vote will go nowhere really and it will pass through but at least he has the guts to vote which is more than Starmer has.

Dan Carden MP for Walton

I even said that Corbyn was right to go against Starmer as voting is the reason MPs are in Parliament and Starmer is showing such poor leadership in this.

The argument is that it means those who are spies for the Country can break the law in the act of gathering information, well I agree with it as you cannot expect someone to stay within the law when the bad guys don’t, and I am not sure as to why Labour have suddenly gone all Law and Order because they didn’t mind when Blair gave the terrorists a get out of jail, but then Starmer is not Blair, and those this sticks in my throat to say so….he does not have the Blair charisma with his fellow MPs.

Starmer is left with two choice here and that is to withdraw the whip from all those who go against him and watch his party split in two, or do nothing and take up his stance of sitting on the fence as the weak willed leader that he is.

I fancy the weak willed Starmer will come to the forefront…it always does.