So Saudi Arabia are out….but Russia and the Chinese are re-elected and in and yep you guessed it on the Human Rights Committee…..who bought who off?

Russia and China who do not recognise human rights and especially China where they have concentration camps for Chinese Muslims who only crime is to be a Muslim.

China and Russia were today re-elected to the UN Human Rights Council despite appalling records of repression. Saudi Arabia was the only country up for election that failed to secure one of the three-year seats, dealing a blow to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman who has tried to put an international sheen on his despotic reign.  China, which is responsible for human rights abuses on an industrial scale, including the arbitrary detention of a million Uighur Muslims and ‘conversion therapy’ for gay people, won 139 votes – a loss of backing from 41 UN member states.~(Daily Mail)

Saudi Arabia failed in its bid to become a member of the United Nations Human Rights Council on Tuesday as China and Russia were elected to three-year terms. Pictured: Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman
Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman
Chinese President Xi Jinping
Xi Jinping
Russia's Vladimir Putin
Vladamir Putin

I am not sure about Russia as they don’t have the same human rights abuses as the Chinese, and will no doubt be looking into it as something is odd when so many people kick off. The Chinese Government has taken part in crimes against humanity and then they are re-elected to the Human Rights Council….my god if this does not show that the UN is not fit for purpose I don’t know what is.

They do know that the Chinese Governments have concentration camps and have forced sterilisation on women for being Muslims, aborted their children, killed their children, killed men and women, forced them to work long hours as slave labours and are trying to destroy who they are….and yet, it beggars belief that China is allowed back in….

Who the hell was drunk or sniffing something to allow this? I find it repulsive that they can veto now as bona fide members. I am going to say something that is controversial but if you had to have a dictatorial despot in then surely Saudi Arabia is more palatable than the Chinese Government.

The UN are toothless and needs to be disbanded as what can they do when China invades Taiwan? Send them a strongly worded letter or a sit down with tea and cake? Either way it will be all lovely and China will get away with walking over the rights of people again and again and again.

Today the UN General Assembly once again elected countries with abhorrent human rights records,’ Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a statement. He slammed the body’s membership rules, saying they ‘allow the election of the world’s worst human rights abusers to seats on the council.’, and he is not wrong it is shameful.

Rights groups criticised China’s election citing Beijing’s rights violations in Hong Kong, Tibet and Xinjiang, as well as attacks on human rights defenders, journalists, lawyers and government critics. 

Human Rights Watch had pointed to an unprecedented call by 50 UN experts on June 26 for ‘decisive measures to protect fundamental freedoms in China,’ a call echoed by over 400 civil society groups from more than 60 countries.

In reference to the sizeable drop in support for China, Louis Charbonneau, UN director at Human Rights Watch, tweeted: ‘Shows more states are disturbed by China’s abysmal rights record.’ 

Pakistan and Uzbekistan were elected to the council (pictured in a meeting on September 18) with 169 votes while Nepal was also elected with 150 votes
The Toothless, Reckless, Disgraceful UN

As far as I am concerned the UN is past its sell by date, and is useless as it has less the bad guys in and will do nothing as they have shown when human rights are abused and violated.

Save the money and disband this disreputable organisation as it is not fit for purpose and is turning into a joke…and not a very good one at that.