More Restrictions…so come on Chancellor help the poorest.

Poor Liverpool have gone into Tier 3 straight away…….and some areas of the North East. I should imagine that eventually we will end up the same as we are only about 16 miles away from Liverpool and Manchester….smack in the middle of two covid hotspots.

Whilst the Government is locking the country down have they taken into account the struggle of parents on low incomes, and those pensioners who will be left on their own?

More money needs to go into services for them. I am aware that my mum is doing good as she has enough of us to help, and we are buying for the neighbour next door too as she is on her own but when I speak to mum she is bored. It then got me thinking what about those older people who do not have relatives? It must be awful. How are they getting food and some need the company of others.

The Government are they taking it into account when they come out with the lockdown rules that they are locking down a generation who rely on seeing others. When I am out for a walk and I see an older person I always say hello as my father once told me to chat as I could be the only person they see that day……so please take into account your neighbours this lockdown, and if you can offer to help it will mean the world to them.

As for the young families struggling they will struggle further trying to keep the children entertained, and even the extra heating and light and the increase in food, as some of the supermarkets are not putting the cheaper brands out and this is eating into their monies. I know the Chancellor has found a lot of money for those in work, well how about finding money for those on low wages who need a helping hand.

As a taxpayer I don’t mind and if means paying back a little extra tax then so be it…..if it means I can look at myself in the mirror and know I have helped. This Covid 19 has really brought this country to the brink and by working together, we can fight our way back and show those who struggle more than others that they are important, and that we are all in this together.

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