Keir Starmer has refused to join in the growing condemnation of the met police looking into comments made by David Starkey on a Darren Grimes interview.

This is as close as you can get to a stazi police state and the very threat of restricting freedom of speech is at risk here. How can an interviewer be held responsible for the comments of an interviewee? This is nothing more than a concerted effort by the intolerant left to force everyone into their way of thinking.

Scotland Yard is continuing to investigate Darren Grimes (pictured) for allegedly stirring up racial hatred in an interview with David Starkey despite fury from politicians
Scotland Yard is continuing to investigate Darren Grimes (pictured) for allegedly stirring up racial hatred in an interview with David Starkey despite fury from politicians 
Sir Keir Starmer would not criticise the police over the investigation into Mr Grimes
Starmer would not criticise the police.

The metropolitan police investigation in Mr Darren Grimes is nothing more than political witch hunt, as Mr Grimes is a Conservative and a Brexiteer and funny how they do not investigate the rioters for their hate crimes, yet go after someone for something he did not say. Mr Grimes has my total full support and no doubt millions of others. He needs to fight back and smash this left system or our freedoms are at risk.

This is getting very tedious and Mr Grimes must think so as this the 3rd witch hunt by the met and its out of her depth Commissioner. You would think with London being the murder capital of Europe, with all the muggings, lootings, knifings, shootings, rapes etc that they would have enough to deal with….but nope don’t let a potential political scalp over words slip from your grasps eh Commissioner Dick!!!!

Starmer is doing what Starmer always does….showing no leadership and is waiting for the way the wind is flip flopping before pinning his ever whinging comments to the mast!

The case will be raised at the Commons home affairs committee this week by Conservative MP Tim Loughton, who said Met Commissioner Cressida Dick should be questioned over a ‘vexatious investigation’.

Even the Lib Debs are sticking up for Mr Grimes with former Lib Dem leader Tim Farron said: ‘Grimes is not responsible for Starkey’s appalling comments. In a free society, we surely don’t do things like this?’ The Free Speech Union labelled the investigation as ‘absurd’, and it is. It is an attack on the freedom of the press, but then we are used to Starmer saying nothing…after all look at how he kept his mouth shut over the vilification of the Jews.

Look at how he has tried to hide defending ISIS and the IRA, telling the police to prosecute grooming gangs and taking case loads of dodgy Lawyer Phil Shiner to try and stitch up our Armed Forces. Starmer is not fit to run the country and if he cannot defend the freedom of a Journalist then he is no better than a tinpot dictator.

If he thinks the public will be against him expect his words of support for Mr Grimes, but like him his words are empty and lack anything of substance, and shame on the metropolitan for their stazi boots riding roughshod over someone’s liberty.

A dangerous precedent is being set here and it needs to be stopped. This is what some MPs want as it will hide things like the persecution and hatred of the Jews under Corbyn’s Labour and hide the lifestyles of MPs like Keith Vaz and the washing machine role with 2 Romanian male prostitutes. This is nothing less than an attack on the freedoms that we hold dear and Starmer needs to pick a side, but we know he won’t as he is once again sitting on the fence of doing and saying nothing.

No 10 is definitely not for him…..he doesn’t deserve it.