Out and about on my walk today it dawned on me that there is a lot of houses in this ward and doing a bit of research and working out that there must be around 7,000 houses (more houses have been built since the last count), and with everyone on average paying some £1100 a year (I rounded this down to make sure that it was fair), I worked out that we in this area are paying some £7.7 million pounds a year into the Warrington Council coffers.

I felt nauseous as the amount revealed itself and thought oh my god what are they doing for that?  The hub was built by money given by the EU and built a year late, the pavements were fixed because of accessing another funding pot, and we know it has not been spent on the houses that are in such a desperate need of upgrading as the number of times I have heard of people living in squalor, damp nasty houses and nothing being done could break your heart. 

Young people and families left in the sort of environment that you know is not right to bring up babies, and babies and young children living in a house with mould spores, and parents at their wits end because nothing is being done.  Its not right and it makes my blood boil that this Labour Led Council has the money to do something about it, and what do they do?? Yep they have invested our money in pie in the sky businesses.  One of them is an energy company that has the worst rating ever, but with the £4 million investment a member of the council gained a Directorship.    

They have also loaned our money out to build houses and flats in London, Liverpool and Manchester…..well here is something radical…..why not put the money where it belongs….here with the people who need it most….you know those who have had to pay it.  There is no choice to pay it but they have to.  

This is an insult as they are paying to provide accommodation for others whereas we have a long list of people who are waiting for a home, we have serious need of good homes and homes that are not unfit for purpose and what does this council do?  Gives it away to anyone but Warrington. We are now £1.6 billion in debt due to their mismanagement of our money.

Oh they come up with the “its an investment” excuse but if they built the houses we need here it would be a long term investment and the monies would come back far quicker than they had by loaning it out!  It would have solved the issue of homeless, families in B&Bs that are not fit for purpose and certainly shouldn’t have children in it, and would solve the problem of homes that really should be stripped and redone to make them fit for habitats. 

We have parks with nothing in for the older children to play on and some of the most run down areas and this £7.7 million a year which keeps growing is certainly not spent here, schools that need more of a financial input and better services for those who are elderly and special needs….SO WHAT IS THE COUNCIL DOING WITH OUR MONEY? 

Just to make the whole depressive thing complete….the councillors expenses cost comes to £14,400 a week, every week for 52 weeks,  and that is repugnant when so many people are suffering from even a lack of a decent home. It has to change or we will continue to see our beloved area fall into a worst state of repairs and it is people who suffer and that is not right and it is not fair.