Seems the National Maritime Museum have bent the knee and gone all woke because of slave trade links by some of our greatest men.

They are now discussing the role of the Admiral The Lord Nelson and the slave trade…..For god sake this is our history and we in Great Britain spent 40% of our income to rid the world of the Slave Trade and we were still paying this off when I started working…..

I digress…..Admiral The Lord Nelson is a hero to the people of Great Britain and no organisation has the right to interfere in the history of this wonderful country, although it seems we have the most weak willed people in charge of what is most important to us.

Lord Horatio Nelson's legacy will be reviewed by the National Maritime Museum as part of its efforts to challenge Britain's 'barbaric history of race and colonialism'. Pictured: Nelson's Column in Trafalgar Square, London
Admiral the Lord Nelson
The museum has already addressed the colonial legacies of Captain James Cook (pictured) and Francis Drake in its displays
Captain James Cook

They are also looking to demonise as it is already a done deal of both Captain James Cook and Francis Drake. This is just getting ridiculous. Where are their backbones? Its a good job the men they want to demonise had one…..

These men and many others are the men who made this country great and who drove off tyranny to continue to give us freedom. You know Rule Britannia and Land of Hope and Glory and it is immoral to hold them to account for actions of hundreds of years ago to todays standards.

Hands of our history and you leave them where they are … in our hearts and in our pride and we will fight tooth and nail to leave our heroes where they belong at the forefront of our history, not obliterated because some woke snowflake wants to put their opinion where it quite frankly is not required.

If they want to change the world…..why don’t they go to the Middle East and demonstrate on slavery there, or here is an idea go to China and demand the release of the Muslim slaves there! Where a genocide and crimes against humanity are being committed everyday…… Oh no they won’t do that…..because they might get hurt…..

It seems that it is ok to keep slaves when they are out of sight out of mind to these woke fools, but how dare we want to keep our beloved history. Hypocrites….absolute hypocrites.