Warrington North MP speaks with forked tongue….

I must admit I don’t read her newspapers pieces often as she is the MP for Warrington North via Islington infact mainly Islington and this seat was a gift from her kindly Uncle Corbyn. Infact she is missing in action so many times I am surprised that people actually ever get to see her and basically she stands for everything I dislike but even I must admit to nearly spitting out my cup of Assam this morning when I read her post.

Charlotte Nichols was parachuted into the Labour election due to being a chum of Corbyn’s and sadly the North is stuck with her until they come to their senses and vote her out, and every now and again she stands what I can only describe as size 15 feet in it….

Her latest gripe is the Peerage for one Claire Fox of the Brexit Party. Now don’t get me wrong defending the IRA makes her the sort of person I would have to disinfect my hands after meeting, but for Ms Nichols to say “Claire Fox’s introduction to the Lords today is an insult to Warrington,” She is as usual blaming the Conservatives but Ms Fox was not put forward by the Tories but hey don’t let the truth get in the way of trying to find something to criticise Boris with…even if it is a lie.

Ms Nichols states its because of her refusing to apologise for the remarks supporting the IRA, but how people in glass houses seem to forget that she is a friend of Corbyn. The terrorist supporter who after trying to kill the Government at Brighton he invited them to the commons. He and his former lover Diane Abbott who famously stated that every defeat of the British state is a victory for all of us. A defeat in Northern Ireland would be a defeat indeed.”. Infact her other chum John McDonnell has plaques for the IRA in his office and she openly defended Corbyn and his ilk at the General Election. These little group of evil openly support Hamas and other terrorist groups and who have constantly voted against having said scumbags declared terrorists.

I think this young lady needs to first of all she needs to obey the law which she obviously broke when she went out marching with BLM in London, yep you guessed it nowhere near her constituents and there was a game called Where’s Nichola as she was nowhere to be found. Secondly don’t try and kid the electorate you actually are up here as you have just taken a room in a union friends house and I can imagine you actually have no intention of living up here and thirdly stop criticising others when you yourself keep the most dislikeable company and are actually happy to do so….oh and don’t forget this……..

See the source image

“I hope every single one of them gets their heads kicked in by the good folk of Glasgow.” This was Lazio fans in Glasgow for a Europa League Match in October 2019.

Not exactly Politician talks is it….nor telling those who criticise her to F*** off……what on earth did Warrington North do to end up with this???

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