China demands the USA stops its ‘Provocative’ action.

China is now demanding the USA stop its provocative action in the China Sea….Strange how when its the USA its provocative but when they do it its not, and infact they are insulted at the mere thought of it.

The USS John McCain entered into the South China Sea waters without their permission says China, but the sea does not belong to China and so long as the other nations agree then it is has the right to be there.

The USS John McCain (pictured in 2017)  was spotted sailing into the disputed Paracel Islands in the South China Sea without China's permission on Friday, the Chinese military said
USS John McCain
The US Pacific Fleet shared photos of the USS John McCain crew during their deployment to the South China Sea on Thursday

Well I say carry on America as the bully boys need to be stopped in their tracks. They are stripping the South China Sea of its minerals and are plundering it for the oil and gas supplies that are there. It is the estimated size of Texas.

China has ignored the rights of all the other nations and they are making it hard for people to even fish as it is frightening them off. People are losing their livelihoods and their way of life at this rate.

The Chinese military claimed the US has ‘frequently’ sent warships to the South China Sea to ‘show off its force and severely infringe upon China’s sovereignty and security interests’.   The spokesperson said it would take all necessary measures to resolutely safeguard national sovereignty and security and to maintain peace and stability in the region. (Daily Mail).

If China are involved then there is no peace and stability in the region and I do feel so sorry for those countries surrounding the South China Sea as eventually their lands will be eyed up.

Currently the stripping of the sea is nothing more than China preparing itself and its weapons as it is still gazing at Taiwan but it won’t be a gaze much longer. If they have unlimited supplies for vehicles that by rights belong to all the nations whose land borders with the sea then it gives them an advantage, an unfair advantage but China won’t look at it that way.

After all what has it done about the 3 million Chinese Muslims it has interned in their concentration camps? Nothing. The world seems to stop short when it comes to China but people are dying in the far east version of concentration camps and the only difference is that it is not Jews this time but Muslims. Forced abortions, sterilisations, slave labour for multi-national companies and deaths …..what is the world doing about that? Todate Nothing….and that is why China is getting away with everything as no one is stopping them.

If they don’t care about their own people what on earth would they do with those countries they are gazing over with occupational desires in their eyes. The dragon is no longer sleeping……and its roar will be terrifying.