Jeremy Corbyn
Len McCluskey

Seems Len McCluskey has started to withdraw the funds from Labour and is starting at 10%. He is an old friend of Jeremy Corbyn and is a keen follower of the Corbynite way of running the Labour party and obviously the country, even though the country didn’t want him… but these people have skin as thick as a rhino and just don’t accept results.

The Unite Executive have voted to reduce the affiliation money to Labour by 10% and has warned Keir Starmer that they must go back to the lines drawn up by Corbyn. Oh dear ….. trouble in social paradise!! In an interview with the BBC’s News night, Corbyn’s ally Mr McCluskey warned: ‘I have no doubt if things start to move in different directions and ordinary working people start saying, well, I’m not sure what Labour stands for.

Mr McCluskey was particularly critical of Labour’s pay out to whistle blowers over the party’s handling of anti-Semitism under Mr Corbyn. I think funding arrangements is undoubtedly an issue that may come up,’ Mr McCluskey added.

A Unite source told the BBC: ‘Keir and his inner circle are just not listening. There’s a lot of anger from the people who knock on the doors and man the phones. They don’t want to be taken for granted.’

I guess when you are an anti semite it will gall you to the bone to have to give pay outs to those who have openly brought it to the attention of the crowd. McCluskey forgets one thing when he has donated that money gathered from the work force then it is no longer his money to demand what is done with it as it has gone to Labour. You can bet your bottom dollar that McCluskey doesn’t give any of him money….grief there are far too many expenses for him to claim to be bothered about how difficult it could be for the members to even part with that money.

McCluskey has got too much power and too much say. It is like a 3rd rate mafia having a say in what to do, when and how and he should have no say and I don’t trust that man whatsoever. While he prattles in public about Tory exploitation and poverty, he enjoys an affluent lifestyle uninhibited by his socialist beliefs.  Only this week he was seen downing champagne at a party in the Ivy, one of Britain’s most exclusive restaurants and a favourite haunt of celebrities. He continually wails about capitalist fat cats, yet in 2014 his salary and pension were reported to be worth £140,300, while Unite provided £415,000 for the purchase of a luxury London flat.(Daily Express Mon 3/8/2020). No further details have been made available for the salary of McCluskey but we get the drift……

All those poor union members who have to pay for this man’s rich lifestyle and for his rich retirement when it comes, because he will only have negotiated the best deal for himself but not before he, Corbyn and Starmer have destroyed the Labour party but he won’t care he will be swanning it off in one of the richest 5% of retirees in the country. Not bad for a socialist but then it always is the socialist who have more money.