19 Labour MPs including the infamous terrorist supporting anti semite Jeremy Corbyn have defied Keir Starmer and voted against the MI5 bill.

The bill was to allow MI5 the right to let informants commit crimes in pursuit of intelligence material, and whilst I am not a spy or intelligence operative I do understand that the greater need could outweigh the disgust of the few in effect, yet Keir Starmer once again sat on the fence and ordered his party to abstain.

The Law and Order leader is becoming a bit of a damp squid and he needs to be asked why he has not voted once for something that will benefit the United Kingdom, but then this is the same man who took on cases from the fraudulent Phil Shiner when he was on his witch hunt against our servicemen to line his pockets, so we know he is not a friend of servicemen and women and veterans. The same Law and Order leader who has defended IRA terrorists and ISIS terrorists, the same Law and Order leader who has ordered the police not to prosecute grooming gangs and who has employed one Naz Shah, who retweeted a disgusting comment that the “white girls who have been victims should shut up for the sake of diversity”, and also retweeted anti semetic tweets that were disgusting…….You get my drift of where I am going with Captain Hindsight.

He is about as much of Law and Order as I am the next Nobel Peace Prize winner for medicine, and I am not and will never be a Doctor.

Well, true to form the Socialist Campaign Group led by Corbyn has voted against the bill. Now I actually agree that he was right to vote, but as usual his vote did not surprise me as it is a bill to strengthen Britain and he hates everything British, and it was the usual oddballs who voted with him….

Jeremy Corbyn

The Labour rebels were: Corbyn, Diane Abbott, John McDonnell, Paula Barker, Apsana Begum, Olivia Blake, Richard Burgon, Dawn Butler, Ian Byrne, Ian Lavery, Grahame Morris, Kate Osamor, Kate Osborne, Zarah Sultana, Mick Whitley, Nadia Whittome, Beth Winter plus tellers Bell Riberio-Addy and Lloyd Russell-Moyle.

As I said no one is surprised at the usual crew as their hatred of everything Conservative and British is legendary, but I do grudgingly respect the fact that they did vote, but this is the 2nd time in a couple of weeks that they have openly defied the Leader and he has done nothing……that makes him spineless.

Starmer seems to have the ostrich approach and that is if he buries his head in the sand then there is no issue, but he has a rebellion on his hands and the ringleaders are one Jeremy Corbyn, Rebecca Long Bailey, John McDonnell and Diane Abbott…..the rest are sheep and will follow their dark lord anywhere but what will Captain Hindsight do about this?

Will he show some balls and actually fire them from the party by removing the whip? To anyone else that would be the most obvious thing to do but then we are talking about Starmer and as I said he is spineless. How can he be tough on Law and Order when he cannot even be tough on his own MPs.

Why is voting for things that the Government put forward so difficult for these people? They are called spies and the majority of them operate outside of the law. and is not so nice people they work with…so what is the problem? As I said we have to deal with some really horrible people to keep our democracy, after all look at Corbyn and McDonnell….

Starmer has no creditability and he cannot control his own party so he has no chance at running the country, and this will come back again and again to bite him and I for one cannot wait.

Keep doing the disastrous things you do Starmer as it guarantees another Conservative Government.