I wondered how long it was before this reared its ugly head, although I am surprised it took this long.

Will someone actually tell politicians that the IRA has not gone away, they have just rebranded under the real IRA and are still committing atrocities and because they have rebranded it seems to have wiped the slate clean.

Gosh how gullible politicians are.

Security checkpoints and customs bases in Northern Ireland after Brexit will become targets and a 'recruiting badge' for dissident republican groups, MPs have warned

I am sure I am not the only one who found the comfort letters given out secretly by Tony Blairs government to IRA terrorists nauseating. These people are terrorists and have killed people, good people who have served their country…good god they tried to blow up a democratically elected government….but because Blair had put his future wealth dependent on this so he can go round describing himself as Blair of Peace and Ireland.

This only gave them the chance to flap these letters in the faces of the security forces every time a bomb went off, and go off they have done repeatedly.

Labour’s Kevan Jones and the SNP’s Stewart Hosie, who sit on the committee, said in a joint statement: ‘Dissident republican groups appear to be continuing to recruit new members – including significant numbers of young people.  Unless wider issues are addressed, dissident republican groups will continue to offer an appealing ‘brand’ for new generations and the threat will remain.’

The problem I have is that two people who are remainers are writing a joint statement to try and get people scared of a border in Ireland, and that because of that we would plead for us to remain. Well WRONG, this is just a statement that is years too late as the IRA have never gone away and if needs must we will send back the Army to keep the peace, and the first thing we should do is get rid of those traitor letters from Tony Blair. He broke the faith between the government and the military and even worse he did it for nothing else but his money. Disgusting.

Sinn Fein know exactly who these people are and they know that they have the bombs and bullets in the background if they don’t get their way, and they must not be allowed to stand in the way of democracy.

The report said the number of attacks last year demonstrated that the main dissident republican groups were ‘resilient and retain both the intent and capability to cause serious damage’. It referred to evidence from MI5, which warned MPs: ‘It is at the forefront of our minds that the New IRA could become a still more dangerous threat’. Well wow….even I could have told them that just by the fact the bombings, bullets and threats have not gone away….they never did…..its just that politicians chose to ignore it till now, and now it is just something else they are clinging too…..

Maybe it is about time these politicians showed one ounce of the bravery that our servicemen and women have, and stop the talking down of this country and do what the country has told them to do….BREXIT.