I am not about to start a feminist rant as I quite frankly do not believe in feminism but rather equality. I took the idea that if I brought up my sons to respect women and treat them as equals then I have far exceeded the political requirements. I am proud to say I have.

I do however take umbridge at the political attempt to take away a woman’s right to an abortion. I know that there will be those who will be howling and screaming that life begins at conception, but it doesn’t as it is not a capable thinking lifeform and we need to make changes to the system, not take it away.

The fact that male politicians can want to discard something that only affects women is outrageous, and it needs to be taken out of the hands of such men, and the women who put their Christian values ahead of somebody else’s rights. The USA is one of the countries that Christian zeal sometimes override the normal thinking and it will force women to go to back street abortion clinics and put their lives at risk, and not only that but the threat that they could be jailed is despicable, along with the medical professionals who are performing it.

I very much believe that women should have the final say, however I do not believe that it should go longer than 12 weeks (unless there are medical complications, but again that is the decision of the mother and father if together) as we all know we are pregnant at that stage, well most of us and to be able to gain an abortion right up until the due date is for me is tantamount to murder as the child can live at that point, and if you don’t want the child there are plenty of people who will adopt it.

I just think it is a creeping advancement of robbing women of their choice and by forcing this, they will be taking that away, and it seems that the way the US system works that the Senator or Supreme Court can just sign it and bang…it is illegal in your area. This is not democratic and that ability to inflict their religious view on others is why State and Church should not be allowed to mix.

The argument for the fundamental Christians is that life in their believe begins at conception, and I do not argue with this as it is their right to think it, but it is my right to disagree as their is a difference between aborting a foetus at 12 weeks to doing it at 23 weeks and above. The chance of survival is zero at the lower rate, whereas medical science has moved on so much that the foetus can be saved at 23 weeks., and now that Donald Trump has nominated Amy Coney Barrett there will be an attempt to throw out the rights of women everywhere. This will include those who are raped as to have an abortion could result in them being jailed, and this is punishing the woman in my view as having to have the child of their rapist is an insult to justice, and never should it be allowed.

Abortion rights activists fear that the elevation of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court would give the conservative wing the decisive vote to overturn Roe v. Wade, which protects abortion rights.

Democratic contender Biden says he would push for federal legislation protecting abortion rights were Roe v. Wade struck down. I actually think this is the one thing that I can support Biden on as it must remain the right of a woman, and not a Christian Fundamentalist who in 2006 had called Roe vs Wade barbaric and put her signature to an ad. This can only mean that she does not agree with it and wants to take away the rights, and from one woman to another I do not understand her logic.

Such an effort by the Democrats would likely fail in a Republican-led Senate but would also be subject to a GOP filibuster should Democrats take control of the chamber. Then a super majority of 60 senators would be needed to advance legislation. However,  some on the left are pushing Biden and Congressional leadership to eliminate the filibuster tool in the event the Democrats take the White House and the Senate.

With no filibuster, a possible Democratic chamber would be able to push through Biden’s agenda, including legislation addressing abortion rights, on a simple majority vote

Biden spoke about Judge Amy Coney Barrett and predicted she would vote to overturn Roe v. Wade. The White House event where Trump announced her nomination featured a raft of guests who later tested positive for the coronavirus, raising the possibility it was a superspreader event
Biden spoke about Judge Amy Coney Barrett and predicted she would vote to overturn Roe v. Wade. 

I hope for the sake of women everywhere that Judge Amy Coney Barrett does not get the post of the Supreme Court as there will be one hell of a fight for women to get the right to do what they want with their bodies, and not have to have it taken away because someone cannot separate their Christian views from politics.