I am so pleased that my political thoughts and my blogging is now viewed in 67 countries and from this time last year my site has seen an upturn growth of some 544% from this time last year and it will continue to grow due to the kindness of others.

To say I am pleased is an understatement and now I have another blog site but that is for the local area as I have agreed to stand for the local council in next May elections. I feel that my disability will be an advantage and whilst I will need assistance with my every day activities…I can fight hard for the area and genuinely feel that I can make a huge difference but that is another blog for another day.

To get back to this one, the fact that some many countries now read this blog is like a dream come true and I want to thank everyone who reads Points of Sue for doing this.

If anyone would like to write a post or would like to advertise on my site then please contact me at pointsofsue@gmail.com and lets work together on growing your site and your company.

Once again to all of you who have kindly taken out the time to read my thoughts I thank you for it so much.