Matt Hancock has struck a new low again, where he states that if Covid 19 rises again that some cancer treatments will not be available.

WRONG…..cancer treatments should be the first priority treatment and should be on top of the list as to leave it could be too late, and that is not fair on the sufferers and to have this disease is devastating enough and then the double whammy of no treatment is not available is just cruel.

Cancer patients will only be guaranteed treatment if Covid-19 stays ‘under control’, Matt Hancock claimed today as he faced a roasting from MPs over an Excel spreadsheet blunder that has potentially led to tens of thousands of Britons being unaware they are infected with the virus. The Health Secretary claimed that it was ‘critical for everybody to understand the best way to keep cancer services running is to suppress the disease’, suggesting that hundreds of thousands of patients may face delays to planned surgery and chemo, if the outbreak continues to spiral. Vital operations were cancelled and patients missed out on potentially life-saving therapy in the spring because tackling Covid-19 become the sole focus of the health service, instead of cancer and other cruel diseases.  (Daily Mail)

Almost 2.5million people missed out on cancer appointments due to this virus and can we really let that many people suffer? I think it is cruel and against the human rights of people and they need to know that the service is there.

We cannot trust the Health Secretary due to the disastrous statistics cock up, and the fact that the people running the whole Covid 19 fightback are incompetent to say the least, and with this complete joke of a fightback the services are at risk now never mind if it rises again.

Government data shows that the North West and North East and Yorkshire are the only regions to have seen a sustained and sharp increase in people being admitted to hospital (line graphs show daily hospital admissions between April and October). All regions saw a rise in cases, hospitalisations and deaths in September as people returned to offices and schools after the summer, but across most of the country these have since come under control. Hospital patients in the two northern regions and the Midlands make up more than three quarters of the entire number for England (76.8 per cent), while patient numbers in the southern half of the country remain at just a fraction of where they were in April

There is very little faith in the Health Secretary now and he must be removed, along with Dido Harding as why should their inability to get the right path ahead with this virus affect those who are fighting cancer. Their lack of coping should not be paid for from those who are suffering horrible diseases.

The Government’s beleaguered Test and Trace system is under renewed scrutiny after it emerged 16,000 positive cases had been missed due to an Excel Spreadsheet error – where cases were cut off after a certain number of rows was reached. The disastrous oversight, which ministers are keen to blame on the soon-to-be-defunct Public Health England, meant thousands were not contacted and traced despite testing positive for the virus.  (Daily Mail)

Telling the Commons operations for cancer patients may be rolled back in the face of spiralling coronavirus infections, Hancock said: ‘It’s critical for everybody to understand that the best way to keep cancer services running is to suppress the disease, and the more the disease is under control the more we can both recover and continue with cancer treatments. This must not be allowed to happen and money must be found to treat the virus and the cancer patients.

It is cruel to have this threat hanging over them especially stating that the virus must be under control, but this will be near impossible as a virus is not a seeing enemy. You cannot build a wall to keep it out, have a battle to win the war, or sit down and call a truce but rather it is unpredictable and cannot be controlled, especially with such poor management in control.

Cancer specialists must demand that funding is made available and that there must be nothing that stands in the way of the much needed treatment, as to do otherwise is just cruel, but for it to be achieved there needs to be new management and starting at the top with the people in charge.