The Elderly and hotels.

The Government is looking at the idea of putting the elderly in hotels to try to stop the spread of Covid 19. What a ludicrous idea.

I know now one certain 80 year old lady who will not leave her home. Why should she? She has not been outside and although she lives in a retirement village she has kept her front door firmly locked, and the food parcels are dropped off and she has now mastered Skype. She has stuck to the law as people of a certain age were brought up that way.

Why should she and others like her be penalised for the growing virus?

It is not the elderly who are out clubbing, or rioting and you will find that the elderly are the most law abiding and are doing as advised….so why punish them even more and make them leave the things they love behind. It is not fair and will be against their human rights.


They say the scheme could be voluntary but we know what that means and there could be scare tactics to get them into these hotels. Why can’t they just leave the elderly alone as they are not the reason for the R Rate climbing.

There are further proposals put forward by Government Advisers that all those over 45 could be locked down….and what about work? If you cannot work from home such as those who work in retail and the NHS….what about their working life? It is not viable and like the idea of putting the elderly into hotels a barmy idea.

A Government medical adviser stated that during the Covid 19 surge in Spring so many hotels were left vacant…AND….what has that got to do with the elderly and who will pay? You cannot expect the elderly to pay as they would be paying twice.

These pie in the sky ideas are really not helping and they should never have even got to a proposal stage as it is silly and I cannot believe it has been written by Government Medical Advisers.

For god sake people come up with a plan that will work and not grasping at straws and leave our elderly alone. They do not deserve to be even thought of as a burden as it has been their contributions over the years that has helped keep us going, and now they deserve to be left alone and make their own decisions and in their own homes.

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