US election poll: Trump BEATING Biden despite being hospitalised with covid

I could not contain my excitement today when I saw the polls had put Donald Trump ahead of Joe Biden. I know people will say its just a poll but it gives me a great hope that Donald will get back in.

Creepy Joe Biden is not fit to be President. If you don’t believe me then google Joe Biden stroking girls hair and see for yourselves. These girls are between the age of 8 and 13 and as a mother, grandmother it is disturbing to watch, and shame on those parents for standing by and watching it…but then politicians don’t think the way we do.

Biden has also not answered for the cover up of black lynching’s in his area and it seems to the likes of the intolerant that is ok as it means getting Trump out, and as Donald said he has done more in 47 months than Biden has done in 47 years. Boom…one to Donald.

I struggle to understand how people dislike Donald. He has done everything he has said he will do, he speaks the same as us and how many of us get keyboard angry when we see things we don’t like and don’t forget Donald is not a politician, and he only takes $1 for all of this. He has not lived off the taxpayers like Biden and all the other politicians who call him rotten, but rather has been one of the major contributors.

Donald Trump

Those who wanted Mrs Clinton was never going to forgive whoever got in and their mentality is deeply in question. To demand that he is removed and then riot shows they have no grasp of democracy, and it is always the ones who shout the loudest about equality for all who are the first ones to riot.

Trump outscores Biden on the economy with 70 percent thinking that the economy is bouncing back and 60 percent to 40 percent trusting the President over his rival on the issue.

The issue of Law and Order remains one of the highest concerns and the majority do not trust Biden to be a Law and Order President, after all how can you trust a man who takes the knee to rioters. He has backed BLM all the way and to the majority of Americans who are law abiding and support the police they have already made up their minds and it is Donald all the way. After all, how can Biden call on the Police and the Military if he became President after disrespecting them to gain the vote?

We all know if Donald gets back in then the whaling, the hysterics and the rioting will happen all over again….and don’t start me on the twitter accounts with all their nasty messages, but they can do what they like he will still be President and I hope he comes down on those who are rioting and breaking the law hard.

This is a President who supports the Police, supports the Military and loves his country…what is there not to like.