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There seems to be no stopping of China these days. They seem to think that they can walk into any country they want, and todate they are doing so because no one seems to want to tell them to STOP.

Taiwan is an independent country and it does not belong to China even though China think it does.

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We cannot allow China to get a foothold in Taiwan the same way we have let them into Hong Kong. It is a disgrace that all they got was a strongly worded letter and then free reign to walk all over democracy, freedoms and human rights.

Taiwan has declared itself an independent country and the world must respect that, after all what will prevent any country demanding our beautiful home? Well we know the Germans tried that and got beat but who is going to come to the rescue of Taiwan?

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( 21/09/20020) China claims democratically-run Taiwan as its own territory, to be taken by force if needed, a threat the island has lived with since 1949, when defeated Kuomintang, or Nationalist, forces fled there after their defeat by the Communists in the Chinese civil war.

China has been angered by stepped-up US support for Taiwan, including two visits in as many months by top officials, one in August by Health Secretary Alex Azar and the other last week by Keith Krach, the undersecretary for economic affairs. In addition, the United States is planning major new arms sales to Taiwan. China views all these steps as effectively being US support for Taiwan independence, with the eventual establishment of a Republic of Taiwan, a red line for Beijing.

Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen says the island is already an independent country called the Republic of China, its formal name, and that the People’s Republic of China has never ruled Taiwan and has no right to. China calls Taiwan its most important and sensitive issue in US ties. For China’s ruling Communist Party, Taiwan is the last part of the nation still awaiting ‘liberation’ after the 1949 victory, adding an extra historical significance.


Taiwan and China do not have an official dialogue mechanism, meaning that any accidental clash between their fighter jets, for example, could quickly spiral out of control. Taiwan’s air force now regularly scrambles to see off approaching Chinese aircraft. A conflict over Taiwan may suck in the United States and its Asian allies, though it is an open question whether Washington would, or could, come to Taipei’s aid.

China may quickly overwhelm Taiwan with missile and cyber attacks before the United States even has a chance to respond. However, any war would be damaging for China too, in terms of its international reputation and economically, especially if it is subject to broad Western economic sanctions.


Not only is Taiwan in a key geographic location on the edge of the Pacific between the disputed South China Sea and Japan, but it is a tech powerhouse, home to the world’s biggest contract chipmaker, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co Ltd . The United States views China’s tech firms as a security risk and has moved to cut off its access to advanced chips, including those from Taiwan.


Taiwan’s military is well-trained and well-armed, but is dwarfed by China’s People’s Liberation Army, which is adding stealth fighters, aircraft carriers and advanced missiles in the throes of an impressive modernisation programme. Tsai has made upgrading Taiwan’s military a priority, stressing ‘asymmetric warfare’, to make any attack as painful and as difficult for China as possible. This could include, for example, pinpoint strikes by long-range missiles on targets in China.


While China could easily overwhelm Taiwan with missiles and air attacks, it has other options to bring the island to its knees, such as cyberattacks to take down basic infrastructure, or a naval blockade to force surrender.

Whatever happens, the reaction of the United States will be crucial and the United Nations, NATO and all the countries who respect democracy as the main right of any country must pledge their support to Taiwan.

Hong Kong is already lost and our jewel in the Far East no longer shines as brightly as it has been dimmed by the Chinese Power Grab and their dictator for life. We cannot let them keep getting away with it and there has to be a stop. I am ashamed that the takeover of Hong Kong was done so so easily and that people who had been loyal to this country and who had made Hong Kong a success, were in effect left to the dark tentacles of a giant that does not seem to be answerable to anyone.

We know that India is preventing China from moving into disputed areas there and thank god for India as they are big enough in manpower to take on the Chinese, and they have the backing of a free world with them but Taiwan is small in comparison and she cannot fight her battles without help and that help must be made available soonest.

If not then China won’t settle for these countries and her gaze will creep over Japan and Vietnam and soon their empire will know no bounds and this cannot be allowed to happen.  We have to stop the aggression and stop it now.

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