A much better choice

HRH The Duke of Cambridge has been approached by a senior member of the Royal Navy, and offered the post of Captain General of the Royal Marines.

The post should never have been left vacant once his brother decided to leave. A gap left open for Harry was wrong as that is not the case given to Royal Marines as when they leave of their own free will they are out, and those wonderful upstanding servants of this country have always deserved better than this, and the Royal Marines and the Royal Navy know this.

Harry has gone and they need someone who will give them the same service as they give the Queen, this Country and it’s people

I don’t care that Harry will be hurt, he didn’t care when he decided to throw away his duties, his family and his country so now is the time to move on as he is irrelevant.

A future King is a great idea, although I was rooting for Princess Anne as she has a record of long service to the Armed Forces, but a young person is the best choice.

Hopefully this will show Harry that when you’re out you’re out, and he made that choice so no tears now, or sending out messages through “friends”. Your choice Harry now leave the firm to get on with what they do best.

I hope in years to come and when he is King, William passes it to George as the Royal Marines deserve nothing less than a future King.