Why are we letting these people come here?

China turns its gaze to Taiwan

South China Sea news

There seems to be no stopping of China these days. They seem to think that they can walk into any country they want, and todate they are doing so because no one seems to want to tell them to STOP.

Taiwan is an independent country and it does not belong to China even though China think it does.

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We cannot allow China to get a foothold in Taiwan the same way we have let them into Hong Kong. It is a disgrace that all they got was a strongly worded letter and then free reign to walk all over democracy, freedoms and human rights.

Taiwan has declared itself an independent country and the world must respect that, after all what will prevent any country demanding our beautiful home? Well we know the Germans tried that and got beat but who is going to come to the rescue of Taiwan?

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(www.dailymail.co.uk 21/09/20020) China claims democratically-run Taiwan as its own territory, to be taken by force if needed, a threat the island has lived with since 1949, when defeated Kuomintang, or Nationalist, forces fled there after their defeat by the Communists in the Chinese civil war.

China has been angered by stepped-up US support for Taiwan, including two visits in as many months by top officials, one in August by Health Secretary Alex Azar and the other last week by Keith Krach, the undersecretary for economic affairs. In addition, the United States is planning major new arms sales to Taiwan. China views all these steps as effectively being US support for Taiwan independence, with the eventual establishment of a Republic of Taiwan, a red line for Beijing.

Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen says the island is already an independent country called the Republic of China, its formal name, and that the People’s Republic of China has never ruled Taiwan and has no right to. China calls Taiwan its most important and sensitive issue in US ties. For China’s ruling Communist Party, Taiwan is the last part of the nation still awaiting ‘liberation’ after the 1949 victory, adding an extra historical significance.


Taiwan and China do not have an official dialogue mechanism, meaning that any accidental clash between their fighter jets, for example, could quickly spiral out of control. Taiwan’s air force now regularly scrambles to see off approaching Chinese aircraft. A conflict over Taiwan may suck in the United States and its Asian allies, though it is an open question whether Washington would, or could, come to Taipei’s aid.

China may quickly overwhelm Taiwan with missile and cyber attacks before the United States even has a chance to respond. However, any war would be damaging for China too, in terms of its international reputation and economically, especially if it is subject to broad Western economic sanctions.


Not only is Taiwan in a key geographic location on the edge of the Pacific between the disputed South China Sea and Japan, but it is a tech powerhouse, home to the world’s biggest contract chipmaker, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co Ltd . The United States views China’s tech firms as a security risk and has moved to cut off its access to advanced chips, including those from Taiwan.


Taiwan’s military is well-trained and well-armed, but is dwarfed by China’s People’s Liberation Army, which is adding stealth fighters, aircraft carriers and advanced missiles in the throes of an impressive modernisation programme. Tsai has made upgrading Taiwan’s military a priority, stressing ‘asymmetric warfare’, to make any attack as painful and as difficult for China as possible. This could include, for example, pinpoint strikes by long-range missiles on targets in China.


While China could easily overwhelm Taiwan with missiles and air attacks, it has other options to bring the island to its knees, such as cyberattacks to take down basic infrastructure, or a naval blockade to force surrender.

Whatever happens, the reaction of the United States will be crucial and the United Nations, NATO and all the countries who respect democracy as the main right of any country must pledge their support to Taiwan.

Hong Kong is already lost and our jewel in the Far East no longer shines as brightly as it has been dimmed by the Chinese Power Grab and their dictator for life. We cannot let them keep getting away with it and there has to be a stop. I am ashamed that the takeover of Hong Kong was done so so easily and that people who had been loyal to this country and who had made Hong Kong a success, were in effect left to the dark tentacles of a giant that does not seem to be answerable to anyone.

We know that India is preventing China from moving into disputed areas there and thank god for India as they are big enough in manpower to take on the Chinese, and they have the backing of a free world with them but Taiwan is small in comparison and she cannot fight her battles without help and that help must be made available soonest.

If not then China won’t settle for these countries and her gaze will creep over Japan and Vietnam and soon their empire will know no bounds and this cannot be allowed to happen.  We have to stop the aggression and stop it now.

The Elderly and hotels.

The Government is looking at the idea of putting the elderly in hotels to try to stop the spread of Covid 19. What a ludicrous idea.

I know now one certain 80 year old lady who will not leave her home. Why should she? She has not been outside and although she lives in a retirement village she has kept her front door firmly locked, and the food parcels are dropped off and she has now mastered Skype. She has stuck to the law as people of a certain age were brought up that way.

Why should she and others like her be penalised for the growing virus?

It is not the elderly who are out clubbing, or rioting and you will find that the elderly are the most law abiding and are doing as advised….so why punish them even more and make them leave the things they love behind. It is not fair and will be against their human rights.


They say the scheme could be voluntary but we know what that means and there could be scare tactics to get them into these hotels. Why can’t they just leave the elderly alone as they are not the reason for the R Rate climbing.

There are further proposals put forward by Government Advisers that all those over 45 could be locked down….and what about work? If you cannot work from home such as those who work in retail and the NHS….what about their working life? It is not viable and like the idea of putting the elderly into hotels a barmy idea.

A Government medical adviser stated that during the Covid 19 surge in Spring so many hotels were left vacant…AND….what has that got to do with the elderly and who will pay? You cannot expect the elderly to pay as they would be paying twice.

These pie in the sky ideas are really not helping and they should never have even got to a proposal stage as it is silly and I cannot believe it has been written by Government Medical Advisers.

For god sake people come up with a plan that will work and not grasping at straws and leave our elderly alone. They do not deserve to be even thought of as a burden as it has been their contributions over the years that has helped keep us going, and now they deserve to be left alone and make their own decisions and in their own homes.

Polls show a Trump win…..

US election poll: Trump BEATING Biden despite being hospitalised with covid

I could not contain my excitement today when I saw the polls had put Donald Trump ahead of Joe Biden. I know people will say its just a poll but it gives me a great hope that Donald will get back in.

Creepy Joe Biden is not fit to be President. If you don’t believe me then google Joe Biden stroking girls hair and see for yourselves. These girls are between the age of 8 and 13 and as a mother, grandmother it is disturbing to watch, and shame on those parents for standing by and watching it…but then politicians don’t think the way we do.

Biden has also not answered for the cover up of black lynching’s in his area and it seems to the likes of the intolerant that is ok as it means getting Trump out, and as Donald said he has done more in 47 months than Biden has done in 47 years. Boom…one to Donald.

I struggle to understand how people dislike Donald. He has done everything he has said he will do, he speaks the same as us and how many of us get keyboard angry when we see things we don’t like and don’t forget Donald is not a politician, and he only takes $1 for all of this. He has not lived off the taxpayers like Biden and all the other politicians who call him rotten, but rather has been one of the major contributors.

Donald Trump

Those who wanted Mrs Clinton was never going to forgive whoever got in and their mentality is deeply in question. To demand that he is removed and then riot shows they have no grasp of democracy, and it is always the ones who shout the loudest about equality for all who are the first ones to riot.

Trump outscores Biden on the economy with 70 percent thinking that the economy is bouncing back and 60 percent to 40 percent trusting the President over his rival on the issue.

The issue of Law and Order remains one of the highest concerns and the majority do not trust Biden to be a Law and Order President, after all how can you trust a man who takes the knee to rioters. He has backed BLM all the way and to the majority of Americans who are law abiding and support the police they have already made up their minds and it is Donald all the way. After all, how can Biden call on the Police and the Military if he became President after disrespecting them to gain the vote?

We all know if Donald gets back in then the whaling, the hysterics and the rioting will happen all over again….and don’t start me on the twitter accounts with all their nasty messages, but they can do what they like he will still be President and I hope he comes down on those who are rioting and breaking the law hard.

This is a President who supports the Police, supports the Military and loves his country…what is there not to like.

11 days to save a deal…but I am looking forward day 12…..and no deal.

If you read my blog then you will know that I am an ardent Brexiteer and cannot wait for us to leave the EU.

The thing that those who voted to remain do not understand is that I don’t hate Europe, infact I have spent many a happy holidays as a child in France, Belgium and Luxembourg and went to Germany with HM Forces Army but the EU is not Europe. It is a unelectable monstrosity that is not acting for the European people but rather for their own pockets.

We are told that there are 11 days to save a deal. Well my reply would be blow them all. I want the 12 day and we are out without a deal. Any deal with the snake oil sellers in the guise of the EU would not be for a mutual benefit, but something that Macron will gain from and the Presidential elections in France in 2022 and he needs to be gone. So does the German Chancellor as she is way past her sell by date. After all nothing says that it is the German train set as the EU negotiator Barnier going to Germany to get the OK from them. This is nothing more than the brainchild of the Nazis in 1942….after all some knew even then that if you cannot bomb them out then you can rule by conning the people that it is a democracy but under German rule., and that is where the likes of me were drawing the line. My father and his generation did not fight for our freedom to give it away to Germany in the guise of the EU. We entered a COMMON MARKET to sell goods and certainly not to see our laws and our very Britishness given away on the alter of Germany wanting to rule Europe again.

Ursula von der Leyen

From day one the EU has not acted in the spirit that is their own mantra. They are supposed to treat those who want to leave as friends and hold meetings in good faith, and to ensure a deal is suitable for all. Well we know the story behind that and that annoying Frenchman Barnier, with the even more annoying Belgian Verhofstadt. They want to make it so difficult to leave that other countries won’t want to try. Where is the democracy in that? They also need to realise that when the members see how well we are doing then the whole rotten deck of cards will fall.

The headlines has stated that Barnier and the negotiators are angry at von der Leyen for starting legal proceedings, do they not speak as one??

This is why Boris cannot deal with them as he won’t know who he is dealing with, and lets face it they don’t want a good deal and Verhofstadt himself has said he wants us to suffer so nobody else leaves, then spouts how we are all friends. Grief with friends like him we don’t need enemies.

If we can get a deal that protects everything we want then great but don’t tear yourself up Boris if you can’t as we would sooner you walk away then give in to anything the EU want. The EU is not a democratic entity but just a pretend one that is there for the benefits of its “Elite”. Remember when the new Brexit MEPs turned up, they were told that they were now the elite of Europe…..that for me was it.

They are not elite but just politicians who having been deselected by their own country, then go onto scam the taxpayers further by suddenly appearing at the monstrosity that is the EU.

It will not last as people want their own identity and this includes control of their laws, their Judges, their borders and their money. There was never a cat in hells chance we were going to give up the £ and Blair would have been dragged from his office if he had tried that. The £ is who we are.

I know that we will do great out of the EU as I have faith in this country and that is where those back remain don’t and I feel sorry for them. We are a great country and the world wants to do business with us and how refreshing to keep 100% of the contracts we sign instead of the some 7% the EU throw us, as if chucking a bone to a starving dog. It was an insult and Brexit has given pride back in their country and I for one cannot wait for the 31st December as goodbye EU and we won’t miss you as you have taken our money, our laws and our freedom for too long and it will be back where it belongs….with the people of the United Kingdom.

So in closing I say directly to Boris Johnson and Lord Frost…walk and close the door as we don’t need the EU.

A much better choice

HRH The Duke of Cambridge has been approached by a senior member of the Royal Navy, and offered the post of Captain General of the Royal Marines.

The post should never have been left vacant once his brother decided to leave. A gap left open for Harry was wrong as that is not the case given to Royal Marines as when they leave of their own free will they are out, and those wonderful upstanding servants of this country have always deserved better than this, and the Royal Marines and the Royal Navy know this.

Harry has gone and they need someone who will give them the same service as they give the Queen, this Country and it’s people

I don’t care that Harry will be hurt, he didn’t care when he decided to throw away his duties, his family and his country so now is the time to move on as he is irrelevant.

A future King is a great idea, although I was rooting for Princess Anne as she has a record of long service to the Armed Forces, but a young person is the best choice.

Hopefully this will show Harry that when you’re out you’re out, and he made that choice so no tears now, or sending out messages through “friends”. Your choice Harry now leave the firm to get on with what they do best.

I hope in years to come and when he is King, William passes it to George as the Royal Marines deserve nothing less than a future King.