The Coronavirus restrictions. Are you affected?

The map of Britain's coronavirus rules

Me and Mr Points of Sue are just going to do what we always do, follow the rules and stay out of the way. I know you will get people who say we are giving into a crackdown on freedom by the Government, but I think they need to take off their tin foil hats and realise it is protecting us and our loved ones, and yes even strangers from the sort of rise that we saw in the Spring.

I know that I would like all my family, loved ones and neighbours to go into 2021 with me, and if that means staying in….then stay in I will.

Surely, you can look around your homes and find those jobs to do that you kept putting off. I know we have and Mr Points of Sue has our youngest son’s bedroom to decorate and I have the OU. So instead of going out and demanding a stop the virus rising,….stop meeting up and causing the virus to rise.

Stay in and maybe we can control the R rate and I know that we will have to live with it the same as Flu, but maybe we can learn to beat it the same as flu and hopefully we won’t be seeing the heartbreak of so many people not saying goodbye to their loved ones.

In remembrance of all those who have lost their lives to this horrible virus and to the relatives….you have my deepest deepest sympathy. God bless you.

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