Should never be released….

We all remember that awful murder of sweet innocent James Bulger at the hands of two monsters…..

James Bulger was murdered in 1993 aged two
1993 James Bulger – sweet innocent victim.
Jon Venables
Robert ThompsonThe murderers

Venables and Thompson served eight years in youth detention before being freed on licence with new identities, and this in itself was a travesty as they should never have seen the light of day because if children can do that….what sort of adults would they be? Well we know what sort of adult Venable is. He is a pervert, killer and paedophile and society should not have to deal with him. He should be put away.

Over the past decade Venables has been in and out of prison for possession of pornographic images of children. He is currently serving a 40-month sentence, handed to him in 2018, after being caught with category A child abuse images – the most serious type.  He also admitted he had a ‘paedophile manual’. Yesterday, Venables was refused parole and will remain behind bars for at least two more years. He cannot apply for parole again until 2022. (Daily Mail).

The cost of keeping these two murderers with the right to remaining anonymous has gone into the millions now and it seems they have more rights than the family of the victims. Ralph Bulger is quite rightly asking has Venables had plastic surgery at taxpayers expense, and if so then surely we have a right to know as these killers could be living in our neighbourhood. We need to protect our children.

James's father Ralph Burger (pictured on ITV's Good Morning Britain in February 2018) wrote to the probation and parole services before a hearing
Ralph Bulger……

Venables is locked up for now and that is a good thing, and the other murderer seems to have gone underground and quiet and maybe we should leave the punishment fitting to Mr Bulger and his family, after all they still continue to suffer.

Mr Bulger, 54, told the Daily Mirror: ‘Taxpayers’ money should not be spent giving a monster protection with a new face.’ He also revealed he had been told Venables had expected to be freed in time for Christmas, adding: ‘My child never saw a Christmas beyond his second birthday and I hope Venables rots in his cell for the rest of his days.’ 

I have always said that Venables is a dangerous predatory paedophile and should never be freed from prison, but no one has listened until now. They let him out twice before and he has always re-offended. Now the parole officers have seen the light and agreed that he is not safe to be released. ‘I can’t express how much of a relief that is – I’ve spent the last few months dreading the phone call to say he was back on the streets. ‘Now I can at least rest easy knowing he is banged up for another two years at least.’

I feel so sorry for the family of Jamie Bulger as they are living the horror everyday and to know it was done by children must of been so hard to to take in, as it means that have to go through wanting justice everyday for the rest of their lives. Has justice really been done though? 8 years was nothing and it should have been life.

I know some people will says its cruel but in all honesty what can you do with them after this? The USA has a policy of putting killers away for life in some cases regardless of their age, and maybe if we had that option then Mr Bulger and his family can rest knowing that they are off the streets and with no chance of parole.

I can remember the day this little angel was found and his smile was the first thing that struck me. How could anyone hurt such an innocent little boy? He was at that time a child of all of us as we ached in our hearts at his passing, and I know that I would not settle for 8 years and these constant violations by Venables must result in a full time jail sentence.

The world is not safe from either of them and the first rule of a society is to protect its people, and especially the most vulnerable in our society from those who would do it harm, and they would do it harm if given the chance.

Justice must not only be seen to be done but in cases like this it needs to be done to restore our faith in the system. Sadly, the system seems to work overtime for the perpetrators and nothing for the victims. It needs to change and violations by someone like Venables needs to result in a strike and you’re out system like the Americans.

The justice system seems to be blind to the suffering of the families of the victims and that is wrong, so wrong.

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