Well I got one……

What is it I am talking about……the hate letter.

Well not so much a letter….I got an anonymous post it note in an envelope addressed to me at my home and I was slightly disappointed that it was not even on writing paper but a post it note.

It stated “You embody white privilege Susan”….now I found that very strange as I live in an area of Warrington that some people wouldn’t want to be seen in. I know what some say who live in the others areas of Warrington, but I love it here and the people are wonderful. It is a warm, friendly home type place and it was a woman’s handwriting as you can tell with the swirls etc but I actually felt sorry for the person writing it.

I felt sorry that they had to take the cowards way out and try to attack me through an anonymous post it note. I am always ready to listen to someone’s difference of opinion and I have informed the police and they have asked me to contact them if I get another one etc and I will ask for the person to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

So to the post it note writer who borrows work’s white envelopes to send messages that you cannot deliver yourself, stop and not because I am frightened but rather it comes across as rather silly and I really would not like the Police to find you and you end up with a criminal record as it could well cost you your job, and is it really worth it?

Some people would feel threatened but I will have to get used to this especially as my career is taking in my another direction. I will be blogging about that when it is finalised…but all exciting.

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